During the early and mid Nineteenth Century many Orangeburgh area families migrated to Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and other points west. This list is an attempt to document those migrations and assist family researchers in either connecting their ancestors back to Orangeburgh or accounting for missing branches of their families. Click on a state to see the full list of migrants.

ALABAMA Migrations - Antley, Arant, Bolin, Brown, Carnley, Coleman, Collins, Cooner, Craps, Crum, DeBardeleben, Deramus, Dirr, Dominic, Dubose, Dyches, Enfinger, Fanning, Felder, Friday, Frolich, Gardner, Gartman, Gill, Geaton, Hails, Hamiter, Hartzog, Herlong, Hoffman, Hogan, Holman, Houser, Hutto, Jackson, Jeffcoat, Jones, Kelly, Kersh, Knox, Kyzer, LaGrone, Livingston, McConnico, McCord, McKerley, Mitchell, Moorer, Murph, Myers, Oliver, Oswalt, Patrick, Pou, Purswell, Rast, Rawlinson, Rowe, Ruple, Rush, Salley, Sanford, Seay, Shipes, Sistrunk, Snellgrove, Snider, Spigener, Stabler, Stivender, Stoudenmire, Sturkie, Summer, Tatum, Taylor, Till, Turnipseed, Whetstone, Wolfe, Zeigler, Zorn.

ARKANSAS Migrations - Parler, Snider.

CANADA Migrations - Frolich, Snell.

FLORIDA Migrations - Busby, Crum, Friday, Salley, Tatum.

GEORGIA Migrations - Brumby, Busby, Crum, Fanning, Felder, Frederick, Gartman, Geiger, Holman, Hutto, Kleckley, Linder, Morf, Rambo, Rawl, Rumph, Sistrunk, Slappey, Smith, Smoak, Till, Turnipseed, Varnedoe, Walter, Walters, Yaun, Yawn, Youn, Zeigler.

INDIANA Migrations - Rhodes

LOUISIANA Migrations - Cutrer, herlong, Ruple, Walker.

MISSISSIPPI Migrations - Addison, Anding, Bernhard, Blackledge, Brown, Buzbee, Carter, Chaves, Clayton, Collier, Cooper, Corley, Crum, Danly, Dantzler, Dubard, Felder, Friday, Fulmer, Funchess, Gartman, Gavin, Gleaton, Gressett, Hamiter, Herlong, Hoover, Horger, Kaigler, Kersh, Kuhn, Lightsey, Linder, McMorris, Moore, Myers, Oswalt, Ott, Pou, Ratcliff, Rawls, Riedelsperger, Robinson, Ruple, Russell, Seawright, Sistrunk, Sojourner, Summers, Tatum, Turnipseed, Ulmer, Valentine, Varndoe, Wimberly, Yaun, Yawn, Young, Zeigler.

TEXAS Migrations - Bobo, Bookman, Heaner, Inabinette, Sanford.

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