Orangeburgh Migrations - Alabama

Not long after the Creek War ended and the defeated Indians were neutralized, a number of families - Spigeners, Whetstones, Zeiglers and Stoudenmires followed the Federal Road into the Alabama Territory.

According to the Descendants of the Dutch Bend Pioneers, the early settlers of Dutch Bend (Autauga County) Alabama came around 1819-1820. The families who departed Orangeburgh District, SC traveled on a wagon train with an army escort. They came through Georgia near what is now Augusta, then on to Macon, thence west to the area that is south of Autaugaville, AL and is known as Dutch Bend.

There were 69 wagons in the wagon train. A nucleus of kin moved to the Dutch Bend area of the Alabama River. With Reverend Henry WHETSTONE and his wife, Elizabeth HOUSER, Sophia STOUDENMIRE (b. 1791), John George STOUDENMIRE and wife, Mary Magdalene Whetstone STOUDENMIRE, John Rudolph MURPH and wife Jane STOUDENMIRE. In a letter written by Lewis HOUSER (b. 1788) in the 1820's, he mentions the proximity of many of these Orangeburgh families.

George ANTLEY, Phillip ARANT,

Thomas BOLIN, William BOLIN, Joseph BROWN,

Leris Carnley, Sr,, Daniel COLEMAN, James COLLINS, James P. COONER(new 20Jun2019), Stephen COOPER, William CRAPS, Frederick John CRUM,

Henry DeBARDELEBEN, William Arthur DeBARDELEBEN, Jacob Daniel DERAMUS, Rev. Michael DIRR, Jacob DOMINICK, Jeremiah DUBOSE, Altman DYCHES, Seth DYCHES,

Conrad Cornelius ENFINGER,

Abraham FANNING, Adam Christopher FELDER, Henry FELDER, Jacob Snell FELDER, Richard FELDER, Henry FRIDAY, Henry FROLICH,

James & Stephen GARDNER, Daniel GARTMAN, Richard GILL, Thomas GLEATON,

Robert HAILS, Joel HAMITER, John George HAMITER, George Henry HARTZOG, Rev. Daniel HERLONG, Peter HOFFMAN, Griffin HOGAN, Joseph HOLMAN, Rev. Lewis HOUSER, Charles HUTTO, Henry HUTTO,


Jacob KELLY, David KERSH, William Spann KNOX, David KYZER,

John Adam LaGRONE, William LIVINGSTON,

William Washington McCONNICO, Russell Paul MCCORD, William McKERLEY, John MITCHELL, Frederick Peter MOORER, John Henry MOORER, John Henry MOORER Sr., John Rudolph MURPH, David MYERS, Frederick Daniel MYERS,

Peter OLIVER, Michael OSWALT,

George PATRICK, John POU, Gabriel PURSWELL,

Frederick RAST, Joseph RAST, William RAWLINSON, Henry ROWE, William David RUPLE, Charles George RUSH,

Benjamin SALLEY, Absalom Abraham SANFORD, Nicholas SEAY, Andrew J. SHIPES, Joel SISTRUNK, Henry SNELLGROVE, Jacob SNIDER, Daniel Frederick SPIGNER, Joel SPIGNER, CPT. George SPIGNER, George SPIGNER, John Jacob STABLER, Frederick STIVENDER, John George STOUDENMIRE, Samuel STOUDENMIRE, Daniel STURKIE(1), Daniel STURKIE(2), Samuel STURKIE, Henry SUMMER,

Andrew Kelly TATUM, Henry TAYLOR, John H. TAYLOR, Nicholas TILL, Bartholomew TURNIPSEED,

Rev. Henry WHETSTONE, Rev. Jacob WHETSTONE, Jacob WOLFE, John WOLFE,

Nicholas ZEIGLER, David ZORN.

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