Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migration of James W. COLLINS (Sr) and Martha STIVENDER

1. James W.COLLINS (Sr), born bef 1770 in Barnwell, South Carolina; died 1836 in Greene County, Alabama, son of James COLLINS and Catherine CROOM. He married (1) Mary ODOM, born abt 1773, daughter of Benjamin ODOM (Sr) and Thamer [---]; (2) abt 1817 in Barnwell, South Carolina Martha STIVENDER, born in Orangeburgh, South Carolina; died in Greene County, Alabama, daughter of Johann Eberhard STIVENDER (Sr) and Ann ZORN.

Notes for James W. COLLINS (Sr): After marriage of Martha Stivender to James Collins Sr., all the family of John W. Collins Sr. and Jr. moved to Greene Co. Alabama.

Children of James W. COLLINS (Sr) and Mary ODOM were as follows:

a. James COLLINS (Jr), born about 1789, Winton, Barnwell County, South Carolina.

b. Dorcas COLLINS, born about 1790 in Winton/Barnwell, South Carolina, married William NIMMONS. Both are buried in Nimmons Cemetery, Barnwell, South Carolina.

c. Joshua C(room) Collins, born about 1794 in Barnwell, South Carolina, married Elizabeth WILLIAMSON about 1819 in Barnwell, South Carolina.

d. Susanna A. COLLINS, born 11 May 1804 in Barnwell, South Carolina; died 11 May 1885 in Stonewall, Clarke, Mississippi. She married John E. STEINWINDER (Jr), born 1797; died 28 Jul 1853 in Lafayette County, Mississippi, son of John E. STEINWINDER (Sr) and Martha STIVENDER.

e. Keturah Elizabet COLLINS, born about 1806 in Barnwell, South Carolina. She married James Porter.

f. Lewis C(room) COLLINS, born about 1808 in Barnwell, South Carolina.

g. Clairborn Shepard COLLINS, born 4 August 1810 in Barnwell, South Carolina and died 22 November 1858 in Choctaw County, Alabama. He married Elizabeth Ann WILSON, 21 September 1832. She was born 1814 and died 1862.

h. Martha Ann COLLINS, born about 1812 in Barnwell, South Carolina. She married Aaron Madison DOWLING.

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