Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migration of Henry DEBARDELEBEN and Nancy Ann FROLICH

1. Henry DEBARDELEBEN, born 7 Apr 1796 in Belleville, Amelia, South Carolina; died 27 Jan 1853 in Autauga County, Alabama; buried in Autauga Hill Cem., Prattville, Alabama, son of Arthur Franz Ferdinand VON BARDELEBEN and Margaret [---]. He married (1) on 20 Apr 1819 in St. Matthews, Orangeburg Co., South Carolina Nancy Ann FROLICH, born 9 Oct 1801; died 19 Jul 1839, daughter of Henry FROLICH.  She is buried in Autagua Hill next to Henry; (2) on 7 November 1839 Mary Anne FAIRCHILD, born 20 Jan 1805; died 19 Aug 1872.  Mary Anne DeBardeleben is buried in the Pratt Family Cemetery, Prattville, Alabama.   

Notes for Henry DEBARDELEBEN: Granted land in Autauga Co., AL 10 Apr 1837 and appears on the 1830, 1840 and 1850 Autauga Co., AL census.  During his lifetime, Henry spelled his name "DeBardelaben" (this is how the name is pronounced) - all of his children with Mary Anne Fairchild changed it back to "DeBardeleben".

Notes for Nancy Ann FROLICH: Her last name is alternatively spelled "Fralich" or "Fralick".  She died on the day that her youngest child was born.

Children of Henry DEBARDELABEN and Nancy Ann FROLICH were as follows:

a. Louisa R. DEBARDELABEN, born 12 Sep 1820; died 1878. She married John A. HOUSER, born 1816 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina, son of Lewis HOUSER and Sophia STOUDENMEYER.

b. Francis Ferdinand DEBARDELABEN, born 9 Apr 1822; died 30 May 1870. He married Annie C. GOREE .

c. Warren LeGrand DEBARDELABEN, born 9 Jan 1824; died 28 Oct 1900. He married (1) in 1844 Anne Rebecca WHETSTONE, born 25 Sep 1925; died 11 Aug 1870 in Dutch Bend, Autauga Co., Alabama, daughter of Henry WHETSTONE and Elizabeth HOUSER; (2) in 1871 Caroline Whetstone GOLSON (1828 - 1878); (3) Josephine HULL (1843 - 1917).  Warren and Anne Rebecca are buried in the Dutch Bend Cemetery, Autauga, Alabama.

d. Pierce H. DEBARDELABEN, born 13 Jan 1826; died 24 Nov 1881. He married Sophia E. HOUSER, born 1830, daughter of Lewis HOUSER and Sophia STOUDENMEYER.  Both are buried in the Dutch Bend Cemetery, Autauga, Alabama.

e. Shelby DEBARDELABEN, born Aug 1828; died between 1850 and 1860.

f. John F. DEBARDELABEN, born 19 Jul 1830; died June 1880.

g. William Edward DEBARDELABEN, born 16 Oct 1831; died 9 Sep 1911. He married Caroline Francis BUYCK (1838 - 1915). Both are buried at Deatsville Chapel, Elmore Co., Alabama.

h. Anne E. DEBARDELABEN, born 19 Jul 1839; died 9 May 1840.  She is buried in Autauga Hill Cemetery, Prattville, Alabama.

Children of Henry DEBARDELEBEN and Mary Ann FAIRCHILD were as follows:

i. Henry Fairchild DEBARDELEBEN, born 22 Jul 1840; died 6 Dec 1911. He married (1) in 1863 Ellen PRATT (27 Mar 1844 - 12 Feb 1894).  She was the daughter of Daniel PRATT and Esther TICKNOR; (2) in 1899 Katherine MCCROSSIN.  Henry, Ellen and Katherine are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Birmingham, Alabama.

j. Ann Jane DEBARDELEBEN, born 17 Jun 1842; died 14 Apr 1924. She married in 1866 Joseph Benjamin WOLFE (1834 - 1905). She is buried in Lafayette Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana

k. Arthur Philo DEBARDELEBEN, born 13 Apr 1844; died 1895.  He married in 1855 Alabama RELFE (born April 1855).  He is buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Montgomery, Alabama.

Information provided by Gene Jeffries 26 Apr 2000. Update by John DeBardeleben 30 Jan 2011.

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