Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migration of Rev. Michael DIRR and Elizabeth PINCKARD

1. Rev. Michael DIRR, born abt 1785 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina; died 22 May 1860 in Notasulga, Alabama, son of Michael DIRR and Mary ABERLY. He married (1) in 1812 in Greene County, Georgia Elizabeth PINCKARD, died 12 Dec 1856 in Notasulga, Alabama, daughter of James PINCKARD and Judith SMITH; (2) on 12 Mar 1857 in Alabama Adeline POPILLE, died in Macon County, Alabama.

Notes for Michael DIRR (Rev): Michael Durr ordained in 1810 what was then the Methodist-Episcopal Church. Assigned by the South Carolina Conference to eastern Georgia, at Selueda. Thereafter, the Reverend Durr served in what is now Hancock County, Washington County, and ultimately was located at the established church in Greene County, Georgia. REF: Rev. Harold Lawrence: Methodist Preachers in Georgia, (1793-1900). Eleven children were born during the family's migration across Georgia.

Children of Michael DIRR (Rev) and Elizabeth PINCKARD were as follows:

a. Lewis M. DIRR, born 1814 in Georgia. He married Eliza RAGLAND.

b. James Pinckard DIRR, born 1816 in Georgia, died abt. 1891 in Texas. He married on 31 Dec. 1845 Martha NICKS, daughter of Joseph DeWitt NICKS and Elizabeth HARRISON. She was born 26 Oct 1828, died 17 Jan 1896 and is buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Hunt County, Texas.

Notes for James Pinckard DIRR: The J. P. Durr family moved from AL to Jefferson, Marion Co., TX c1860-61.

c. Mary Ann DIRR, born abt 1818 in Georgia. She married (1) George WILSON; (2) Eucratus ROLAND.

d. Martha H. DIRR, born abt 1820 in Georgia. She married John M. CRANFORD.

e. Jane H. DIRR, born abt 1822 in Georgia. She married Thomas JONES.

f. Elizabeth Pinckard DIRR, born abt 1823 in Georgia. She married Allen FLEMMING.

g. Michael Asbury DIRR, born abt 1826 in Georgia. He married (1) Julia ALLEN; (2) Mary V. MCGEHEE.

h. Lovick H. DIRR, born abt 1828 in Georgia.

i. Peyton Thomas DIRR, born abt 1830 in Georgia. He married Virginia BARROW.

j. Catherine Charlotte DIRR, born abt 1832 in Georgia. She married James FLOYD.

k. John Wesley DIRR, born 23 Jun 1835 in Warm Springs, Meriwether Co., Georgia. He married Rebecca Hart HOLT.

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