Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migration of Seth DYCHES and Esther Benson DUKES

1. Seth DYCHES, born 1790 in South Carolina; died 19 Jul 1873 in Alabama, son of Isaac DYCHES and Ann STERLING. He married in 1809 Esther Benson DUKES, born 1790 in Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina; died 28 May 1870, daughter of Moses DUKES and Ann BENSON.

Notes for Seth DYCHES: In 1830 the plantation and estate of "young"Wlliam Seth was sold at public auction. Toby's Creek waters of Saltcatching. William Seth defaulted on a debt of $77.00. This probably attributed to his sudden appearance in Alabama. In 1851 back to Barnwell Co. SC to sell 150 acres to Joseph E. Jennings.

Notes for Esther Benson DUKES: Ester Dyches vs. Seth Dyches Petition to settle Trust Property, filed Nov. 7, 1855. Mrs. Esther S. Dyches, wife of Seth Dyches (but living separate and apart from him) by her next friend Nelson Bodiford, alleges that Angus Patterson, lately deceased, in his lifetime and on Aug. 12, 1852 made a trust deed to Mabry R. Stansell conveying 74 acres in Barnwell Dist. lying on both sides of the road from Barnwell Courthouse to Orangeburg Courthouse, for the separate use and benefit of petitioner for her lifetime and then to be equally divided among her issue alive at that time. Six of her children reside out of the State (SC) Oct 25, 1855 - William Arrington and wife Ceeny, J.G.W. Berry and Leaty his wife, John Croley and his wife Mary, William Croley and Martha his wife, and William and Wilson Dyches all reside in the State of Alabama. Four children live in SC. At the time Mrs. Dyches is blind, about 60 years old. Esther Benson Dyches leaves a Bible record in which she states that she has a sister named Harriet Duke. Other siblings were Claresee, Moses Kirklin, Elizabeth and Sarah Duke.

Children of Seth DYCHES and Esther Benson DUKES were as follows:

a. Elijah B. DYCHES, born 24 Jan 1811. He married Elizabeth [---].

b. James M. DYCHES, born 1 Jan 1813.

c. Osborne W. DYCHES, born 27 Jan 1815.

d. Wilson W. DYCHES, born 21 Mar 1816; died 16 Mar 1879 in Pike County, Alabama. He married on 7 Nov 1837 in Barnwell County, South Carolina Susannah HUTTO, born 20 Feb 1823 in Barnwell County, South Carolina; died 26 Sep 1902 in Pike County, Alabama, daughter of Charles HUTTO and Margaret Susannah (JETER. Wilson Dyches, along with other siblings, moved to Pike County, Alabama, around 1830.

e. Lete Ann DYCHES, born 21 Aug 1817. She married G.J.W. BERRY.

f. Isaac Shelly DYCHES, born 10 Jun 1819.

g. William Seth DYCHES, born 13 Mar 1821 in South Carolina; buried in Dykes Bapt., Barbour Co., Alabama. He married (1) in 1850 in Alabama Nancy Jane WALKER; (2) on 25 Jun 1843 in Pike County, Alabama Lavina HUTTO, born 16 Apr 1825 in South Carolina; died bef 1854, daughter of Charles HUTTO and Margaret Susannah JETER. Went to Alabama.

h. Mary E. DYCHES, born 1 Sep 1822. She married John CROWLEY.

i. Martha DYCHES, born 22 Aug 1824. She married William CROWLEY.

j. Serena DYCHES, born 21 Apr 1826.

k. Austin DYCHES, born 7 Feb 1828.

l. Frances DYCHES, born 1 Oct 1830. She married William ARRINGTON.

m. Boncil Henry DYCHES, born 3 Dec 1831.

n. Susannah DYCHES, born 10 Mar 1834; died 3 Feb 1914. She married Daniel W. BODIFORD.

Information provided by Gene Jeffries 11 Apr 2000.

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