Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migration of John Adam LAGRONE (Sr) and Mary Magdaline HOUSEAL

1. John Adam LAGRONE (Sr), born abt 1753 in South Carolina; died 4 Apr 1817 in Williamson Co., Tennessee, son of Adam Laurentz LAGRONE and Mary Ann KINARD. He married in 1780 in South Carolina Mary Magdaline HOUSEAL, daughter of William Frederick HOUSEAL.

Notes for John Adam LAGRONE (Sr): This John Adam LaGrone did not move to Alabama. John George LaGrone was the first LaGrone to move to Alabama. John Adam moved to Williamson Co., Tennessee. He was involved in a land transaction in Williamson Co. on 25 May 1813. See Deed Book "C" page 371. He was living in Williamson Co. from about 1808-1810. He lived on Big Harpeth River near Jacob Halface. After John Adam LaGrone died in Williamson Co., TN, 4 April 1817, several of his children and grandchildren move to Perry County, Alabama. John Adam LaGrone's Revolutionary War service is attested to in a DAR record, National Number 623876, in the name of Eugenia Benson Worsham, dtd 1 August 1977..

Notes for Mary Magdaline HOUSEAL: The Houseal Family was living in Heilbronn, Germany at the same time the LaGrones were living in Schonau. It is believed that the LaGrones, the Kinards and the Houseals were aquainted in Germany.

Children of John Adam LAGRONE (Sr) and Mary Magdaline HOUSEAL were as follows:

a. John Adam LAGRONE (Jr), born 1781; died 1858 in Deadwood, Panola Co., Texas. He married on 24 Oct 1814 in Williamson Co., Tennessee Christiana DOMINICK, born abt 1780 in Newberry County, South Carolina; died in Deadwood, Panola Co., Texas, daughter of John DOMINICK (Sr) and Elizabeth [---].

b. Jacob LAGRONE (Sr), born 17 Oct 1785 in Newberry County, South Carolina; died 27 Jul 1863 in Longview, Gregg Co., Texas; buried in Lagrone Cem., Harrison Co., Texas. He married in Oct 1810 in Newberry County, South Carolina Catherine RISER, born 1790 in Newberry County, South Carolina; died 4 Jan 1860 in Longview, Gregg Co., Texas; buried in Lagrone Cem., Harrison Co., Texas, daughter of Martin RISER (Sr) and Christina SUSS.

c. William LAGRONE, born 28 Feb 1788 in South Carolina; died 6 Sep 1852 in Carroll County, Mississippi. He married on 24 Oct 1814 in Williamson Co., Tennessee Mary Ann HALFACRE, born 10 Apr 1792 in South Carolina; died 10 Aug 1849 in Williamson Co., Tennessee, daughter of Jacob HALFACRE and Mary RICHARDS. William LAGRONE's father was John Adam LAGRONE, who brought his family with him to Williamson County Tennessee, about l8l4. John Adam LAGRONE paid poll tax one year in Williamson Co., Tenn. Thus, sixty years from the date of this poll tax would have had him born about l752, or approximately one year after his father Tobias LAGRONE and Tobias' father Laurentz LAGRONE came to Charleston, South Carolina, in the fall of l752. Records show Laurentz LAGRONE leaving Scho..?, Germany, in l752.. William LAGRONE's will was probated in probate court at Carrollton, Mississippi, rather than at Vaiden, Mississippi, the second county seat of the county. A typed copy of the loose papers in Mrs. Fanny Latner LAGRONE CARPENTER's Bible and of William LAGRONE's will is in the appendix.

d. Mary LAGRONE, born 1791 in South Carolina. She married Adam< KUHN.

e. John George LAGRONE, born 17 May 1792 in Newberry District, South Carolina; died 5 Jun 1870 in Milan County, Texas. He married on 14 Feb 1820 in Dallas County, Alabama Elizabeth RICKARD, born 29 Aug 1802; died 21 Jul 1856 in Perry County, Alabama. She is buried in Providence Cemetery near the Brush Creek Community just east of present-day Greensboro, Alabama. Family information states that her mother was also a Domineck which would imply that she was related to the Lagrones through marriage. John G. Lagrone and Elizabeth had nine children Thompson, born 11 Nov. 1820; Martine, born 17 Oct 1822, William H. born 23 Oct. 1824, Melinda, born 28 Oct. 1826, John G. Jr., born 6 Jan 1828; Sarah Ann, botn 5 June 1830 (MY LINE), Allen, born 17 Mar. 1832, Elizabeth, born 29 Oct. 1834, and Margaret E., born 28 Aug. 1842. John G. Lagrone, and most of his surviving children moved to Texas following the Civil War, and settled first in Robertson Co. before scattering across East and central Texas.

f. Mary LAGRONE, born abt 1795 in South Carolina. She married (1) on 5 May 1813 Peter YOUNG, (2) on 6 Jun 1816 Samuel WHITMAN.

g. Adam LAGRONE, born abt 1797 in South Carolina.

h. John LAGRONE, born abt 1800 in South Carolina.

i. Barbara LAGRONE. She married Jesse JOHNSTON.

j. Catharine LAGRONE. She married on 2 Dec 1816 in Williamson Co., Tennessee Solomon WHITMAN.

k. Sarah LAGRONE, born abt 1809 in South Carolina. She married on 15 Dec 1828 in Bibb Co., Alabama Daniel WELDON.

Information provided by Gene Jeffries 11 Apr 2000.

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