Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migration of Frederick Peter MOORER and [---] [---] and Elizabeth GOLSON

1. Frederick Peter MOORER, born 5 Apr 1759 in Orangeburgh, South Carolina; died in Mt. Willing, Alabama, son of Peter MOORER (Jr) and Magdalene HORGER. He married (1) [---] [---]; (2) Elizabeth GOLSON, died 1843.

Notes for Frederick Peter MOORER: 1759 On Monday June 4th administered private baptism in my House to Frederick, son of Peter and Magdalene Murer; born April 5, 1759. Present: John and Ulrick Ott. (Rev. Giessendanner). Moved to Mt. Willing, Ala. Prob. married Elizabeth Gholson. It has been assumed that Elizabeth Golson was the daughter, or granddaughter, of Lewis Golson who lived in Orangeburg County and who was a well known public figure of that day..

Children of Frederick Peter MOORER and [---] [--] were as follows:

a. William Henry MOORER, born 26 Dec 1781 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina; died 10 Sep 1855 in Lowndes County, Alabama. He married in South Carolina Rachel Valentine UTSEY, born 1787 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina; died 1859 in Braggs, Alabama.

Notes for William Henry MOORER:Children of William Henry MOORER and Rachel Valentine UTSEY were as follows:
1a1. John L.S. MOORER, born 10 May 1805, died 7 Mar 1845. He married Rixina LIVINGSTON. An account of his death by drowning appears in Lowndes Courthouse; 1a2. Irwin D. MOORER died after 1856*. He married Mrs. Jane CRUM; 1a3. N. V. Jane MOORER, died after 1856*. She married (1)Phillip AVERHART, (2) David W. RUPLE of Wilcox County; 1a4. James Darrell MOORER (Sr), born 25 May 1813 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina, died 23 May 1887 in Lowndes County, Alabama. He married on 6 Apr 1841, Margaret Lovelace SUMMERS, born 7 Mar 1821, died 23 Jun 1887; 1a5. Clarette MOORER, died after 1856*. She married William GRAMLING; 1a6. Elvira Orville MOORER, born 21 Sep 1822; died 25 May 1893*. She married M. G. Calvin SNOW; 1a7. Ellen E. MOORER, born 1824, died after 1856*. She married James Terry JONES, born 23 Nov 1819; died 14 Feb 1859; 1a8. R.V. Matilda MOORER, born 1826, died 1859. She married William WATSON of Wilcox County, born 18 Feb 1820, died 14 Sep 1873; 1a9. L.B. MOORER, born 7 Dec 1829, died 23 Dec 1839 in Lowndes County, Alabama.
* - living when their father's estate was settled.

b. John Jacob MOORER, born 6 Sep 1784 in Orangeburg County, South Carolina; died 19 Aug 1851 in Lowndes County, Alabama. He married (1) Rachel RUMPH, born in South Carolina; died in Alabama; (2) on 13 Aug 1835 in Alabama Margaret H. SNOW, born 20 Mar 1799; died 6 Dec 1845 in Lowndes County, Alabama. He was a member of the first jury venire in Lowndes Co. AL in 1830.

Notes for John Jacob MOORER:Children of John Jacob MOORER and Rachel RUMPH were as follows:
1b1. Stepheb Decatur MOORER, born 1821, died 1860, married 25 Feb 1841 Mary Francis SNOW, born 1827, died 1880; 1b2. Elvira MOORER, born 1824, married 25 Feb 1841 Thomas H. SNOW, born 1814 (could this be Elvira OOrville above?); 1b3. Oliver Hazard Perry MOORER, born 1825, married 12 Aug 1852 Jane Eliz. AVERHART, born 1835, died 1857; 1b4. Sarah Ann MOORER, born 1827, married Wm. E. Peake, M.D., born 1818; 1b5. Caroline MOORER, born 20 MAR 1829#, died 12 OCT 1857, married William Henry LEE, born 1821, died 1859; 1b6. Orinda MOORER, born 29 Sep 1829#, died 11 Feb 1910, married Elijah H. SNOW, born 1827, died 1894; 1b7. Olivia R. MOORER, born 1834, married 15 Jun 1853 Wm. A. BONNEAU, M.D., born 1821.
# - dates from tombstones, possible error in birth dates.

 Children of Frederick Peter MOORER and Elizabeth GOLSON were as follows:

c. Rachel MOORER, born 1802; died 24 Dec 1833 in Lowndes County, Alabama. She married Philip AVERHART, born 3 Jan 1797.

d. Lewis Gholson MOORER, born abt 1803 in South Carolina; died 1841 in Lowndes County, Alabama. He married in Charleston, South Carolina Martha GAMBLIN, died 1843 in Lowndes County, Alabama.

e. Gabriel Peter MOORER, born 8 Jul 1802 in South Carolina; died aft 1869 in Lowndes County, Alabama. He married (1) in 1869 in Lowndes County, Alabama Matilda GASTON, died in Lowndes County, Alabama; (2) in South Carolina Barbara AVERHART, died in Lowndes County, Alabama.

f. Mariah MOORER, born 1805. She married in South Carolina Jerry GRAMLING.

g. Leah Ann MOORER, born 1806 in South Carolina; died abt 1855 in Leake County, Mississippi. She married abt 1821 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina David HUGHES, born 1796 in South Carolina; died abt 1873 in Mississippi.

Information provided by Gene Jeffries 11 Apr 2000, Jack Ruple 26 Mar 2010.

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