Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migration of John Henry MOORER and Rachel CRUM and Elizabeth CRUM

1. John Henry MOORER, born 1796 in South Carolina; died 13 Nov 1850 in Alabama, son of John MOORER and [---] CRUM. He married (1) Rachel CRUM, born 1790; (2) Elizabeth CRUM, born 1807, daughter of Frederick John CRUM and Annis Elizabeth ULMER.

Children of John Henry MOORER and Rachel CRUM were as follows:

a. Caroline S. MOORER, born 1820; died 1860. She married (1) M.R. DAWSON, born 1810; died 1842; (2) Lewis R. GLENN, born 1820; died 1865.

b. Nelson Jacob MOORER, born 1823. He married Mary Susan STEEN, born 1831; died 1873. Probable son, moved to Louisiana after death of first wife. Remarried in LA.

c. Mary M. MOORER, born 1825; died 1856. She married George DILBURN, born 1815; died 1860.

d. Samuel Jacob MOORER, born 1827 in South Carolina; died 1870. He married (1) Savilla A. BRUNER, born abt 1830; died 1911; (2) Elizabeth STEEN, born 1825; died 1914.

Children of John Henry MOORER and Elizabeth CRUM were as follows:

e. Frederick Peter MOORER, born abt 1828 in South Carolina; died 1888. He married Martha Ann STEEN, born 1830; died 1880.

d. Verlilia C.S. MOORER, born abt 1830 in South Carolina. She married Burrell H. JOHNSON, born 1827.

d. Daniel A. MOORER, born abt 1831; died 1862. He married Rachel CRUM, born 1836.

h. Eren E. MOORER, born abt 1833 in Alabama. She married James Robert LOCKE, born 1830.

i. Elizabeth M.C. MOORER, born abt 1835 in Alabama; died 1895. She married James T. JORDAN, born 1835.

j. Syvility R.L. MOORER, born abt 1838 in Alabama; died 1859. She married Andrew F. CRUM, born 1836; died 1878.

k. Henry J. MOORER, born abt 1840 in Alabama; died 1862. He married Barbara CRUM, born 1840.

l. Rachel MOORER, born abt 1842 in Alabama. She married Philip AVERHART.

m. Curtis D. MOORER, born abt 1844 in Alabama; died 1920. He married Susan GRENADE, born 1843.

n. Abigail C. MOORER, born 1846; died 1899. She married B.F. KILGORE, born 1845.

Information provided by Gene Jeffries 11 Apr 2000.

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