Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migration of Frederick Daniel MYERS and Rachael DANTZLER RHODES

1. Frederick Daniel MYERS, born 11 Aug 1782 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina; died 12 Nov 1866 in Eight Mile, Alabama, son of John Jacob MYERS and Catherine von ENFINGER. He married abt 1809 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina the widow Rachael DANTZLER RHODES, born 1 Oct 1786 in Charleston, South Carolina; died 1 Oct 1860 in Myers Cem., Eight Mile, Mobile Co., Alabama.

Notes for Frederick Daniel MYERS: Rachel married Frederick Daniel Myers either in S.C. or in Pulaski Co., GA, where their first children were born by 1810. Other children were later born to them in the Santee area of Orangeburgh, SC. In the late 1820s they left en route to Texas on a wagon train full of other Methodists. Minutes of the Shiloh Church, near Bogue Homa near the town of Mobile in Spanish Florida, June 6, 1803, Frederic D. Myers, member. Tried Pulaski Co., GA where he had three children then returned to Orangeburg SC before coming directly to Perry Co., MS. Perry Co., MS tax records show Frederick Daniel (listed as daniel) to be in Perry County by 1820. By 1823 a white child show in F. Daniel's house which suggests that his family had arrived. Frederick Daniel built his house on the Leaf River and a home for his brother across the river. F. Daniel remained in Perry County, MS until he lost his son Henry Washington Myers in 1848 and his brother David in 1849. After the death of his brother he moved his family to Mobile Co., AL in the area alternately known as Whistler, 8-Mile and later the Myers Community. Headstone Myers cemetery, Mobile Co., Ala. "Born Hamburg, Germany 1792".

Notes for Rachael DANTZLER RHODES: Grave marker lists "Rachael Dantzler Rhodes".

Children of Frederick Daniel MYERS and Rachael DANTZLER RHODES were as follows:

a. Daniel Simmons Porter MYERS. He married on 2 May 1843 Mary Ann SIMMONS, born 1824 in Pulaski Co., Georgia, daughter of Daniel SIMMONS and Ann [---].

b. John Henry MYERS, born 8 Apr 1806. He married Susan Ann [---]. Move from Mobile Co. AL to Moss Point, MS.

c. Henry Washington MYERS, born 1810 in Georgia; died 18 Oct 1848. He married on 19 Nov 1835 Eliza M. RHODES.

d. Annie Elizabeth MYERS, born 12 Jun 1812 in Pulaski Co., Georgia; died 6 Mar 1904 in Mississippi. She married on 1 Sep 1836 John B. REED, died in Mississippi. Annie and John Reed stayed in MS and raised their family there.

e. David Louis MYERS, born 3 Jan 1818 in Orangeburg County, South Carolina; died 6 Jun 1888 in Myers Cem., Eight Mile, Mobile Co., Alabama. He married Jane/Janet MCINNIS, born 21 Dec 1829; died 10 Sep 1894 in Myers Cem., Eight Mile, Mobile Co., Alabama. Obituary dated 5 Jun 1888 states that his parents "removed to Perry County, Miss" in 1820 from Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Notes for David Louis MYERS: Children were: Rachel MYERS and Mary M. MYERS born in Mississippi, Margaret MYERS and Jane MYERS. These were the only children to live to adulthood.

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