Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migration of Absalom Abraham SANFORD (Sr) and Catherine SNIDER

1. Absalom Abraham SANFORD (Sr), born BET 1774 AND 1784 in Pee Dee, South Carolina; died aft 22 Nov 1850 in St. Clair Co., Alabama, son of Thomas SANFORD and Lavinia TURBEVILLE. He married bef 1799 in South Carolina Catherine SNIDER, born abt 1781 in South Carolina; died in Fayette County, Alabama, daughter of Jacob SNIDER and Susannah OSWALT.

Notes for Absalom Abraham SANFORD (Sr): Lexington District, South Carolina dee records, 16 Aug 1814; 1830 Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama census; 1837 tax list of Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama; 1850 Fayette Co., Alabama census; "Descendants of Pioneer Settlers of Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama", pg. 106.

Children of Absalom Abraham SANFORD (Sr) and Catherine SNIDER were as follows:

a. Samuel SANFORD, born abt 1799 in South Carolina; died BET 1873 AND 1875 in Shelby Co., Texas. He married on 5 May 1825 in Wilkinson County, Georgia Joan MANDERSON, born BET 1802 AND 1804 in Georgia; died aft 1870 in Shelby Co., Texas. Shot by son, John Thomas Samford, over land deeds.

b. Son SANFORD, born 1802 in South Carolina.

c. Jacob T. SANFORD, born 19 Feb 1804 in Lexington County, South Carolina; died 20 Jan 1883 in Alabama. He married (1) on 4 Jul 1824 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama Sarah WHITE, born abt 1805 in Alabama; died abt 1860 in Alabama; (2) Elizabeth Taylor, born 1849 in Alabama, died after 1910 in Alabama.

d. Asavel SANFORD, born 1805 in South Carolina. He married on 4 May 1831 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama Sarah Ann BAGGOTT.

e. Absolom Abraham SANFORD (Jr), born abt 1808 in South Carolina; died aft 9 Oct 1850 in Texas. He married on 14 Jun 1837 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama Hannah ATKINSON, born 1820 in Alabama; died aft 1850 in Texas.

f. Isaiah S. SANFORD, born 12 Jan 1816 in Buncombe County, North Carolina; died 5 Dec 1867 in Goodsprings, Walker Co., Alabama. He married in 1842 Lucinda WHITE, born 1819 in South Carolina; died 1880 in Alabama.

g. William B. SANFORD, born 8 Jul 1820 in North Carolina; died 20 May 1828 in Tippah Co., Mississippi. He married abt 1843 Elendor Jane [---], born 26 May 1828 in Alabama.

h. John W. SANFORD, born abt 1822 in Alabama.

i. Azor SANFORD, born 1825 in Alabama; died in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. He married Martha SANFORD, born 1826 in Tennessee; died in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama; buried in Buncombe Cemetery, Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama.

j. Thomas Jefferson SANFORD, born 1826 in Asheville, St. Clair Co., Alabama; died 11 Sep 1892 in Walker County, Alabama. He married on 22 Nov 1847 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama Julia Ann MONTGOMERY, born abt 1824.

Information provided by Gene Jeffries 11 Apr 2000, update by Joyce Williams 5 Jan 2015.

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