Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migration of Henry SNELLGROVE (Jr) and Mary MCFARLAND and Axcy BURGESS

1. Henry SNELLGROVE (Jr), born abt 1771 in Lexington County, South Carolina; died 12 Aug 1842 in Baldwin County, Alabama, son of Henry SNELLGROVE (Sr) and Sara DUKES. He married (1) Marym MCFARLAND, died bef 1830 in Mississippi, daughter of John MCFARLAND; (2) on 26 Sep 1835 in Washington County, Alabama Axcy BURGESS.

Notes for Henry SNELLGROVE (Jr): REF: "The Snellgrove Family" by Paula (Snellgrove) Cleveland 1588 - 1976. By 1795, Henry Snellgrove, Jr., was living in that part of the Spanish Territory which was soon to become Washington County (and Greene Co., MS) of the Mississippi Territory. A partnership between Jesse Bryant and Henry Snellgrove lasted from 1795 until 1800. REF: American State Papers, Public Lands, I, 652. On 14 Jun 1803 he conveyed the land to James Caller moved westward (or had decided to do so). Henry returned to SC in 1811(Equity roll, Probate Office, Lexington SC, Bill of Partition filed 16 May 1811) to contest his brother's taking over the family inheritance when he said to his half-brother William, that since William was rich and he was poor, William ought to give him something from their father's estate. Henry won the case and received a share of his father's inheritance.

Notes for Axcy BURGESS: Henry Sneelgrove, after marrying Axcy, moved from Greene Co. MS (after 40 years) to Baldwin Co. AL. Some of Henry's old friends of pioneer days were there: Jesse Stedman lived in Baldwin Co. AL and had been from Lexington Co. SC.

Children of Henry SNELLGROVE (Jr) and Mary MCFARLAND were as follows:

a. Henry SNELLGROVE (III), born in Alabama. Spent early part of married life in Alabama and returned to Mississippi (Marion Co.) in the 1870s.


c. Alfred SNELLGROVE, died in Clark County, Mississippi. He married E.J. [---]. Attorney, Clarke Co., MS

d. Leroy SNELLGROVE. He married Elizabeth [---].

e. Lemuel Gregory SNELLGROVE, born abt 1816; died 27 Mar 1886 in Clark County, Mississippi. He married Margaret FLEMING, died 27 May 1887.

f. Levi SNELLGROVE, died 1850 in Clarke County, Mississippi. He married Sarah E. [---].


h. Theana SNELLGROVE. She married William BLANKENSHIP, son of Womack BLANKENSHIP.

i. Willery SNELLGROVE, died in Clarke County, Mississippi. She married John GUNN.

Children of Henry SNELLGROVE (Jr) and Axcy BURGESS were as follows:

j. William G. SNELLGROVE.

Information provided by Gene Jeffries 11 Apr 2000.

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