Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migration of Frederick STIVENDER and Mary DYCHES

1. Frederick STIVENDER, born abt 1760 in Orangeburgh, South Carolina; died 1833 in Barnwell, South Carolina, son of Johann Eberhard STIVENDER (Sr) and Ann ZORN. He married Mary DYCHES, born abt 1765 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina, daughter of Isaac DYCHES and Ann STERLING.

Children of Frederick STIVENDER and Mary DYCHES were as follows:

a. Sinia STIVENDER, born 1803 in Barnwell, South Carolina; died in Barbour County, Alabama. She married Levi CREEL (Sr), born in Barnwell, South Carolina; died Mar 1862 in Richmond, Virginia.

b. Elizabeth STIVENDER. She married Gabriel PURSWELL.

c. Rachel STIVENDER.

d. Margaret STIVENDER.

e. Frances STIVENDER, born abt 1814 in South Carolina; died 16 Sep 1892 in Hill County, Texas. She married Joseph HOLMAN, born 10 Aug 1814 in Barnwell County, South Carolina; died bef 3 Mar 1863 in Barnwell County, South Carolina, son of John HOLMAN (Sr) and Magdalena KENNERLY.

f. Duncan Wright STIVENDER, born abt 1816 in Barnwell, South Carolina; married Margaret Gilly Ann LEE; died abt 1860 in Barbour County, Alabama.

Notes for Margaret Gilly Ann LEE: After Duncan Wright Stivender died his wife, Margaret Gilly Ann Lee, moved herself and her children to Sumter/Lake County Florida.

g. Mary E. STIVENDER. She married (1) Abednego HOLMAN; (2) Henry D. GRIMES.

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