Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migration of Jacob Daniel DERAMUS and Elizabeth Magdeline WOLFE

1. Jacob Daniel DERAMUS, born 30 Aug 1793 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina; died 23 Oct 1870 in Autauga County, Alabama, son of Joseph DERAMUS and Elizabeth WYLDS. He married on 1 Dec 1818 in Limestone Meth., North, Orangeburg Co., South Carolina Elizabeth Magdeline WOLFE, born 1 Jan 1800 in South Carolina; died 25 Jun 1860 in White Water, Alabama, daughter of Jacob WOLFE and Margaret WYLDS.

Notes for Elizabeth Magdeline WOLFE: Migrated from South Carolina to Autauga County, Alabama in 1831.

Children of Jacob Daniel DERAMUS and Elizabeth Magdeline WOLFE were as follows:

a. Lewis J. DERAMUS, born 5 Oct 1819 in St. Matthews, Orangeburg, South Carolina; died 22 Nov 1902 in Alabama. He married Elizabeth WRIGHT.

b. Jacob H. DERAMUS, born 6 Feb 1821; died 15 Dec 1839.

c. Ann C. DERAMUS, born 11 Aug 1822; died 8 Aug 1823.

d. George Wolfe DERAMUS, born 13 Jul 1829; died 17 Jul 1894 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. He married (1) Mary WRIGHT; (2) on 9 Jun 1853 Evaline W. de CHAMBLISS, died 17 Jul 1894 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. REF: Mclardy msg 27Jan99 List of descendants of George Wolfe Deramus. George was one of 5 brothers who came from SC to the White Water Creek area of Autauga County, AL.

e. Charles Daniel Asbury DERAMUS, born 30 Oct 1831 in Autauga County, Alabama; died 11 Jun 1907 in Birmingham, Alabama. He married (1) Adeline Ballard WALKER, died bef 1866; (2) on 28 Nov 1866 Paralee Emma RAWLINSON, died 28 Oct 1926.

f. David F. DERAMUS, born 6 Nov 1838; died 17 Jun 1905. He married (1) Sarah Leuisa DERAMUS; (2) Sarah LEWIS, born 1843; died 1890.

g. James David DERAMUS, born 7 Mar 1842 in White Water Crk., Alabama; died 28 Apr 1918 in White City, Alabama. He married on 25 Nov 1866 in Autauga County, Alabama Sarah Elizabeth BOONE, born 22 Jan 1845; died 12 Mar 1912. J. D. Deramus fought in the Civil War at the battle of Lookout Mt. He was later the tax assessor of Autauga Co. and a trustee of the Methodist Church.

h. Sallie C. DERAMUS, born 22 Jan 1845.

Information provided by Gene Jeffries 22 Feb 2000.

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