Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migration of David KERSH and Elizabeth SEASE

1. David KERSH, born 1793 in Barnwell County, South Carolina; died in Bibb County, Alabama, son of Andrew KERSH and Eva Margarreta GEYSLER. He married on 5 Feb 1816 in South Carolina Elizabeth SEASE, born abt 1797 in Barnwell District, South Carolina; died aft 1840 in Bibb County, Alabama, daughter of John Leonard SEASE and Catherine E. RISER.

Notes for David KERSH: The family moved to Bibb County, Alabama about 1825, possibly because Elizabeth Sease Kersh's uncle, George Riser II and her aunt Barbara Riser(married John Lightsey) had already moved there. The Barnwell Co. SC census lists a David Kersh as head of household with three children. Two of David and Elizabeth's children were known to have been born in South Carolina before the move to Alabama. David was listed as patentee on two federal land patens in Bibb Co., AL, one on 1 October 1835, the other on 1 June 1858. He is believed to have been the Justice of the Peace who married one of his sons in Bibb Co., AL on 13 September 1860. He is believed to have served in the CSA during the Civil War as a 2nd Lieut in 6 Alabama Calvary.

Children of David KERSH and Elizabeth SEASE were as follows:

a. Jacob KERSH.

b. Andrew KERSH.

c. Elizabeth W. KERSH.

d. Fannie KERSH.

e. David KERSH.

f. Martin P. KERSH.

g. Catherine Alabama KERSH.

h. William Leonard KERSH.

i. Martha Elizabeth KERSH.

j. Margaret Amanda Worthington KERSH.

k. David Joshua KERSH. This is a possible child of David and Elizabeth Kersh.

Information provided by Gene Jeffries 22 Feb 2000.

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