Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migration of Russell Paul MCCORD and Eliza May HALL

1. Russell Paul MCCORD, born 12 Aug 1793 in St. Matthews, Orangeburg, South Carolina; died 11 Feb 1874 in Benton, Alabama, son of Russell MCCORD and Hannah TURQUAND. He married in 1820 in South Carolina Eliza May HALL, born abt 1800 in England.

Notes for Russell Paul MCCORD: After migrating to Alabama, he was a colonel in the Mexican War. Served three terms in House of Representatives 1822, 1826, 1828 from St. Matthews Parish. 1850 Lowndes Co., Ala. census: Russell P. McCord, 58 b. SC; Eliza M. 50 b. Eng.; William L. Knox 37 b. SC; Sarah G. 26 b. SC; Edmond McCord 20 b. SC; David C. 17 b. Ala.; Charles R. 15 b. Ala; George E 11 b. Ala.; Ellen H. 7 b. Ala.; William R. Knox 10 b. Ala.; Alice 8; Elizabeth M. 6; John 4: and McIver 2.

Children of Russell Paul MCCORD and Eliza May HALL were as follows:

a. Elizabeth May MCCORD. She married Junius REYNOLDS.

b. Catherine MCCORD, born 1823 in Camden District, South Carolina. She married R.L. CAMPBELL.

c. Sarah Goodwyn MCCORD, born abt 1824 in South Carolina. She married William Spann KNOX, born abt 1813 in South Carolina.

d. Edward MCCORD, born abt 1830 in South Carolina.

e. David C. MCCORD, born abt 1833 in Alabama. He married (1) Anna POWELL; (2) Sallie RIGGS.

f. Charles Russell MCCORD, born abt 1835 in Alabama. He married Mary Louise PRICE.

g. George E. MCCORD, born abt 1839 in Alabama. He married Amelia RIVES.

h. Ellen H. MCCORD, born abt 1843 in Alabama.

Information provided by Gene Jeffries 22 Feb 2000.

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