Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migration of Peter OLIVER and Christana KNODEL

1. Peter OLIVER, born 26 Mar 1787 in Orangeburg County, South Carolina; died 19 Sep 1855, son of Thomas OLIVER and Elizabeth SISTRUNK. He married (1) Christana KNODEL, died 1832 in Orangeburg County, South Carolina, daughter of William KNODEL; (2) on 27 Oct 1832 Ann Barbara SAYLOR.

Notes for Peter OLIVER: In 1832 Christana Knodle Oliver, died, and a short time later her husband, Peter Oliver, married George Spigener's widow, Ann B. Saylor Spigener. Thus, William K. Oliver and Joel Spigener became step-brothers and brothers-in-law. REF: The Alabama Review, January 1995, No.1, pg.20. The Lexington Genealogical Exchange, Part II, Vol. VI, Book I, pg. 84 gives Peter Oliver (1787-1844) marrying Mary Elizabeth Ott (1792-1859). Their listed children: a) Glenn McCartie Oliver (1810-1887) married Eliza Ann Stivender (1816-1888); b) William Dorson Oliver (1818-1895); c) Henry Christian Oliver (1820-1865); d)Bartemeaus Oliver never married; e) Samuel Gasper Oliver (1823-1880); f) Thomas Washington Oliver (1827-1909); g)Rebecca Oliver m. Wolfe and moved to Alabama; h) Hilliard Oliver moved to Columbus Georgia after a move to Aiken County, SC.

Notes for Ann Barbara SAYLOR: In April 1835 Joel Spigener's mother took possession of 160 acres that her son had purchased for her in Alabama.

Children of Peter OLIVER and Christana KNODEL were as follows:

a. William Knodle OLIVER, born 4 Aug 1796 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina; died 5 Jun 1861 in Elmore County, Alabama. He married (1) in 1824 in Orangeburg County, South Carolina Rebeckah Caroline SPIGNER, born 1 Mar 1806 in Orangeburg County, South Carolina; died in Elmore Co., Alabama, daughter of George SPIGNER (CPT) and Ann Barbara SAYLOR; (2) [---] [---].

Notes for William Knodle OLIVER: William K. Oliver, two years older than Joel Spigener (born 1798) was the son of Peter Oliver and Christana Knodle. The families lived close to each other in South Carolina on land near the junction of Beaver Creek and the Congaree River, and the boys grew up together. REF: The Alabama Review, Vol. XLVII January 1995 No.1, pg. 19. William K. married again after Caroline's death and his second wife is buried in the old Spigener cemetery near the old Oliver home, Elmore Co. as well as their son J.T.P. Oliver who was killed in the War between the States. Children of William Knodle OLIVER and Rebeckah Caroline SPIGNER were as follows: 1a1. Mary OLIVER. She married W.P. HANNON. The Spigner Oliver letters were brought to Alabama by William K. Oliver and passed to his daughter, Mary, upon his death. Children of William Knodle OLIVER and [---] [---] were as follows: 1a2. J.T.P. OLIVER, died in CSA. Killed in the Civil War.

Notes for Rebeckah Caroline SPIGNER: On her grave her birth is 1 March 1806 but the old Spigener Bible lists it as March 2th, 1809. Named Caroline Rebekar Spigener.

b. Peter OLIVER (JR).

Information provided by Gene Jeffries 22 Feb 2000.

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