First Families of Orangeburgh District, South Carolina


1. Hans Dietrich(1) was born in Switzerland about 1683and died in Orangeburgh Township, South Carolina on 21 Jun 1759[1,2]. He married Anna ___, probably in Switzerland.

Hans Dietrich(1), his wife Anna, and their two daughters Anna and Barbara, arrived in Orangeburgh in July 1735. They were accompanied by their son Hans Dietrich(2) and his wife Agnes. It is virtually certain that they arrived with other Swiss emigrants on the ship Samuel on Sunday 13 Jul 1735[3], since the burial records for both Hans Dietrich(1) and his daughter Anna state that they were born in Switzerland[1,2]. Unfortunately, their emigration is not mentioned in Faust[4]. Dietrich is, however, a common surname in a number of Swiss Cantons[12].

A petition to the SC Council, dated 8 Dec 1744, from "Hans Dietrick a German" (probably referring to his language) said that his house and barn had been "burned down to ashes" with all their contents, and he prayed for relief from the provincial government. They granted him £50 to help with rebuilding[5].

The 200-acre survey for Hans Dietrick(1) was laid out on 10 Sep 1735 on the north bank of the Edisto River, just west of the town; he was granted town lot #283[6,13].

Hans Dietrick left his estate to his widow Anna. Residual legatees were his grandsons Peter and Matthias Roth (surviving sons of Anna Dietrich and Peter Roth), granddaughter Anna/Hannah Hasfort (daughter of Barbara Dietrich by Richard Hasfort); granddaughter Margaret Hottow (daughter of Hans Dietrich Jr. by Agnes Zung); and Jacob Weimer (widower of granddaughter Anna, daughter of Hans Dietrich Jr. by Agnes Zungg). The will was signed on 15 May 1759, proven 3 Mar 1769[9].

The date of death of widow Anna Dietrich is not recorded, but it occurred prior to Jan 1768, when granddaughter Anna Hasfort (wife of Lewis Linder Jr.) sold her 50-acre inheritance. A memorial of John Jennings dated 19 Oct 1774, cites the unrecorded sale, Lease and Release dated 7 & 8 Jan 1768[7].

Children of Hans Dietrich(1) and Anna ___are:

2a. Hans (John) Dietrich, b. abt 1715.

2b. Barbara Dietrich, b. abt. 1720.

2c. Anna Dietrich, b. 4 Jun 1722.

2a. Hans (John) Dietrich(2), b. abt 1715 in Switzerland, d. 1742 in Orangeburgh SC[8]. Married Agnes Zungg(?)[2] prior to emigration in 1735. She died 25 Mar 1758 in Orangeburgh. [1,2]

Hans Dietrick(2), had his 100 acres surveyed on 24 Apr 1736. It was located slightly north of the town, where he was granted town lot #165[6,14]. On 4 Oct 1737, an additional 50 acres was surveyed for John Dietrick(2), following the birth of his first child[6,15].

Agnes second-married George Giessendanner Jr., no issue[1,2]. She third-married Peter Roth on 2 Feb 1752; no issue[1,2]. Her maiden name is particularly difficult to decipher in the Giessendanner Record (bapt. Anna Hug 25 Dec 1739)[2], and may have been Zaugg. Zung(g) is not found in the list of Swiss Surnames Prior to 1862, but Zaugg was a common surname in Canton Berne[12].

Children of Hans Dietrich(2) and Agnes Zungg(?) are:

a. Anna, b. 1737, d. 30 Nov 1758[1,2], m. 27 Jan 1756 John Jacob Wymer/Weimer[1,2].

b. Anna Maria Margretha, bapt. 14 Sep 1741[1,2]; married Jacob Hottow/Hutto abt 1758.

Margaret Dietrich was single on 23 Mar 1758 when she was a baptismal sponsor at age 16[1,2]. She was the 17-year-old wife of Jacob Hottow by 15 May 1759 when her grandfather signed his will[9]. Jacob Hottow/Hutto had a previous wife, who was a new communicant of the church on 3 Jun 1753; her name was also Margaret[1,2].

2b. Barbara Dietrich, b. abt. 1720 in Switzerland; d. aft. 6 Feb 1771[11], m. on 3 Jan 1739/40 (1)Richard Hasfort, b. abt. 1718 in South Carolina, m. (2)John Jennings; bef. 1750, no issue.

The last appearance of Barbara and/or Richard "Hasfort" in the Orangeburgh Book of Record was 17 Sep 1741; the first appearance of Barbara "Jennings" was 15 Apr 1750[1,2]. She was widowed and remarried at some point during that interval.

The will of "Barbara Jennings, her mark, Orangeburg, St. Matthews Parish" was signed 6 Feb 1771[11] (no probate date), left her property to daughter Ann Linder [née Hasfort]. Since her second husband John Jennings was not mentioned in the will, he had died before 1771.

Children of Richard Hasfort and Barbara Dietrich are:

a. Anna (Hannah) Hasfort, b. ~1741, m. Lewis Linder Jr. (~1734-1782).

The date of birth of Anna/Hannah Hasfort is not recorded; her surname was Hasfort as of the 1759 will of her grandfather Hans Dietrich, and was Linder as of 1768 (sale of her inheritance to John Jennings).

2c. Anna Dietrich, b. 4 Jun 1722 in Switzerland[1,2]; d. 11 Aug 1751 in Orangeburgh SC[1,2]; m. bef. 1742 Peter Roth (of Interlaken/Bern)[1,2].

Peter Roth's will was signed 26 Mar 1760, proven 2 Apr 1760[10]. He left his estate to surviving sons Peter and Matthias (of first-wife Anna Dietrich), and also left a bequest to "Margaret, now wife of Jacob Hottow, dau. of my late wife [Agnes], deceased." He identified himself as a millwright and house carpenter of Orangeburg.

Children of Peter Roth and Anna Dietrich are:

a. Peter Roth

b. Matthias Roth

c. John Ulrich Roth, b. 12 Jun 1751, d. 4 Feb 1754[1,2]


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Information provided by Harriett Imrey on 07/30/04.