First Families of Orangeburgh District, South Carolina


1. BARTHOLOMEW GARTMANN was born 9 Dec 1708 in Safien Platz, Graubünden, Switzerland [1] and died between 1737 and 1741 in Orangeburgh District, SC [2,3] He was the son of MICHEL GARTMAN and ANNA JUON[1]. He married BARBARA GARTMANN, 10 Apr 1722 in Neukirch, Graubunden, Switzerland[1]. She was the daughter of MATHEUS GARTMANN and FIDA BUCHLI[1]. After Bartholomew's death, Barbara married JOSEPH LYONS[2,3].

Bartholomew's grant of 350 acres in Orangeburgh Township and town lot #394 was surveyed 22 Oct 1737[4]. It was located beside the Snell grant[4].

Children of Bartholomew Gartmann and Barbara Gartmann are:

a. JOHN JAMES "Hans" GARTMAN, born 14 Mar 1726 in Neukirch, Graubünden, Switzerland[1], died 1795 in Lexington District, SC[6]. He married Miss UNKNOWN DEITER, (daughter of George Dieter/Teeter). She died in Lexington District, SC.

John was a Planter and furnished supplies for the American Cause in the Revolution[7]. His probate record, dated 1795 in Orangeburgh, SC, is in private hands and a copy is with the author.

b. MARGARETHA GARTMAN was born 20 September 1730 in Neukirch, Graubünden, Switzerland [1] and died in Lexington District, SC.

c. BARTHOLOMEW "Bartli" GARTMAN, II was born 26 July 1733 in Neukirch, Graubünden, Switzerland [1] and died between 1800 and 1810 in South Carolina. He married Catherine Unknown who died in Lexington County, SC.

Bartli Gartman was a Planter, Regulator, Revolutionary War Captain and Patriot. He was an organizer of the Regulator Movement in SC. At one point he was arrested and kept in the Charleston Jail. He had a very distinguished record during the American Revolution. He served under Godfrey Dreher and then had his own fort[8].

d. DANIEL GARTMAN was born about 1735 and died in South Carolina. He married Sarah Dalton 14 Jun 1753 in St. Bartholomew's Parish, SC[9].

He was a Soldier and served as a Sergeant during the Revolution[10].


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Information provided by Janice Lee Gartman on 07/14/03.