First Families of Orangeburgh District, South Carolina

Haigler (Hegler)

1a. JACOB(1st) HEGLER was born 27 Dec 1712 in Friedrichstal, Germany[1] and died between 1798 and 1809[2]. He was the oldest of seven known children of JACOB HEGLER and RACHEL SAISEAU[1]. He married (1)ANNE ELIZABETH LA CROIX on 4 Feb 1738 in Friedrichstal, Germany[1]. She was born about 1713. She was the daughter of PAQUIER LA CROIX and FRANCOISE PINSON[1]. Jacob(1st) married (2)JOHANNA MEYERIN ROAD, a widow, about 1754 in South Carolina.

Friedrichstal was established about 1700 as a Walloon community in Baden, Germany and acquired its first Pastor in 1710[1]. It is located about 16 kilometers north of Karlsruhe, Germany. This is near the present day border with France. The church records are in French.

Both Jacob(1st) Hegler and Anne Elizabeth La Croix were confirmed in 1730 in Friedrichstal, Germany[1], implying similar birthdates.

Jacob(1st) arrived in Charles Town, with three sons and his sister Anne Marie, on 19 Sep 1752 on board the Cunliffe, under Capt. Joseph Cleater[3,9]. When he applied for a land grant of two hundred (200) acres on 19 Oct 1752, his family was listed as himself, son Peter about 12 years, son Philip about 9 years and son George about 5 years[9]. No mention was made of his wife, Anne Elizabeth, their oldest son, Jacob(2nd), or the surviving twin, Anna Maria. Since there is also no mention of any of the members of this Family in the Friedrichstal Church Book after 1750, it is likely that these three died on the journey to Carolina[1,9].

Jacob(1st)'s land was surveyed on 27 Sep 1753[11] and his grant was issued on 14 Nov 1754[12] The grant was in Orangeburgh District on Flea Bite Creek, a few miles southeast of the present town of Cameron, South Carolina[5].

Children of Jacob(1st) Haigler and (1)Anne Elizabeth La Croix are:

a. Jacob(2nd) Hegler, baptized 23 Dec 1738 in Friedrichstal, Germany[1].

b. Jean Pierre (Peter) Hegler, baptized 13 Nov 1740 in Friedrichstal, Germany[1].

c. Jean Phillip (Phillip) Hegler, baptized 18 Aug 1743 in Friedrichstal, Germany[1].

d. Jean George (George) Hegler, born 17 Jun 1747, baptized 18 Jun 1747 in Friedrichstal, Germany[1].

e. Catherina Hegler, born 18 Feb 1750, baptized 20 Feb 1750 in Friedrichstal, Germany, died soon after[1].

f. Anna Maria Hegler, born 18 Feb 1750, baptized 20 Feb 1750 in Friedrichstal, Germany[1].

In 1754 Johanna Meyerin Road arrived with her son Godfrit Road (age 6 years, b. 1748) in Charles Town, from Rotterdam, on the ship Ann. She petitioned for 100 acres of land on 4 Mar 1754[10]. The petition states that her husband died on the way to Holland[10]. One hundred acres were surveyed for Johanna on 6 Dec 1754[13] and granted on 24 Mar 1756[2,14].

Children of Jacob(1st) Hegler and (2)Johanna Meyerin are:

a. John Frederick Hegler, born 23 May 1755, baptized 27 Jul 1755[7,8].

b. John Jacob(3rd) Hegler, born 13 Mar 1758, baptized 27 Apr 1758[7,8], died 1835[2].

1b. ANNE MARIE HEGLER was born 3 Jan 1728 and baptized. 6 Jan 1728 in Friedrichstal, Germany[1]. She was the youngest of seven known children of Jacob Hegler and Rachel Saiseau[1]. She married JOHN VALENTIN KRANICK on 4 Sep 1753 in Orangeburgh Township, South Carolina[7,8].

Anne Marie was confirmed in 1744 in Friedrichstal, Germany[1].

Anne Marie arrived in Charles Town on the Cunliffe on 19 Sep 1752, along with her brother Jacob(1st) and his three sons[9]. She applied for a land grant of fifty acres on 19 Oct 1752[9]. Her land was surveyed on 22 Apr 1753[15] and her grant was issued on 13 Aug 1756[16].

Valentine Kranick (Granick) arrived in Charles Town on the Cunliffe on 19 Sep 1752. He applied for a land grant of fifty acres on 19 Oct 1752[9]. His land was surveyed on 4 May 1753[17] and his grant was issued on 4 Jul 1756[18].

Child of Anne Marie Hegler and John Valentin Kranick is:

a. John Peter Kranick, born 6 Jun 1756, baptized 15 Jun 1756[7,8].


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Information provided by Carolyn Haigler Black and James Benjamin Black III 01/20/03, updated 02/02/03, church book and grant information added by Jim Rickenbacker 04/02/03, updated by all 05/05/03.