First Families of Orangeburgh District, South Carolina


1. ISAAC HUTTO (Otto), SR. was born abt. 1697 in Switzerland and[1] died August 15, 1752 in Orangeburgh South Carolina[6,7]. He married MARIA CATHERINA UNKNOWN[5,6].

His parents apparently migrated to Germany, because it was from Germany that he and his wife and children came to America. They came with other emigrants from the Lower Palatinate on the Rhine River in Germany[1]. Isaac and family probably arrived on the Oliver which docked in Charleston on 20 July 1735. The SC Gazette of July 26, 1735 says of the arrival of the Oliver:

On Sunday last arrived here Capt. Robert Robinson, mentioned in our last, with about 200 Palatines, most of them being poor, they are obliged to sell themselves and their Children for their Passages (which is six Pistoles in Gold per head) within a fortnight from the time of their arrival according to the agreement they made with the Captain, or else to pay one Pistole per head more to be carried to Philadelphia.[9]

It is certain that Isaac indentured himself for on 22 Feb 1738/39 he petitioned for 350 acres of land stating that he was now out of servitude and listing a family consisting of himself, his wife, a son 15 years old (Charles), daughter 16 (Anna), daughter 13 (Sarah), son 12 (Peter), and a son 2 (Jacob)[2]. His grant of 350 acres on Limestone Creek and town lot No. 282 on Fenwick Street was surveyed on 25 Jul 1739[7]. He received the Royal Grant on 01 Mar 1744[8].

Isaac took an interest in the affairs of the community and the local Church. Reverend John Ulrich Giessendanner mentions his name on several occasions in the church record and recorded his death as follows:

1752 On Monday August 17th was buryed the Body of Isaac Hottow, a Settler in this Township for Several years past, who died Suddenly on Saturday August 15th in the Evening in the Path, as he was going home and was found and taken up dead between his house and the Town of Orangeburgh, no Mark of any Fall or Violence done him could be seen on his Body. He left a wife and 7 children, four of which are marryed. He was aged 57 years and buryed at his own plantation.[5,6]

After Isaac's death, his widow, Mary Catharina married Henry Mell on 24 Apr 1753[5,6].

Children of Isaac Hutto and Maria Catherina Unknown are:

a. Anna Hutto b. abt. 1723[2], married Peter Greiffous 25 May 1742 in Orangeburgh, South Carolina[5,6].

b. Charles Hutto, Sr., b. abt. 1724[2] in Germany, married Anna Tshudy abt 1747 in Orangeburgh, South Carolina[5,6].

c. Sarah (Sirrah) Hutto, b. abt. 1726[2] in Bavaria, Germany, married Leonard Varnedoe abt. 1746 in Orangeburgh, South Carolina[5,6].

d. Peter Hutto, b. abt. 1727[2] in Germany, married Margaret Barbara Schuler 1 Jan 1750 in Orangeburgh, South Carolina[5,6].

e. Jacob Hutto, b. abt. 1737[2] in Orangeburgh South Carolina.

f. Isaac Hutto, b. abt. 1740 in Orangeburgh, South Carolina.

g. Benjamin Hutto, b. Orangeburgh, South Carolina.


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Information provided by Rose M. Kendrick 09/17/02, updated 5/5/03.