First Families of Orangeburgh District, South Carolina


1. Johann Lugwig (Lewis) Linder was born on 25 Apr 1706 in Mimbach, Germany[2] and died 3 Apr 1758 in Orangeburgh Township, South Carolina [1,7]. He was the son of Nickel Linder and Maria Catharina ____ of St. Wendel, Germany[2]. He married Maria Magdalena Jaque, daughter of Ulrich Jaque of Mimbach, on 24 Feb 1728[2].

Ludwig died at the home of his minister, Reverend John Giessendanner, after eight days illness, aged about 50, and was buried in the churchyard, Church of the Redeemer (Episcopal), on 5 Apr 1758 [1,7]. Ludwig was said to be a potter in Germany[2].

In his petition to the Council for land, Ludwig states, "That he came over from Germany in order to settle here, in the year 1735 ..."[4]. Thus, it is likely that he and his wife and children were in one of the first shipload of settlers headed for Carolina and ultimately Orangeburgh Township. They may have been on the Ship Oliver that arrived in Charleston July, 1735. George Haig, DC, certified a two hundred acre plat and a town lot on 1 Nov1735 for Lewis Linder[8]. Since "fifty acres a head" was granted to a family, it stands that Linder arrived with his wife and two children. On 13 Apr 1744 he petitioned the Council for 400 more acres[4]. He platted a grant of 300 acres in St. Georges Parish, Berkley County. (later Orangeburgh District) on 11 Sep 1744[9,10] and received the grant on 8 Dec 1744[11]. Ludwig built his dwelling house on this land and willed it to his son Daniel in 1758[5].

Children of Ludwig Linder and Maria Magdalena Jaque are: [6]

a. Johann Barthel Linder born 7 Nov 1728 in Germany, probably died on the trip to America, as he is not recorded as arriving in South Carolina[2].

b. Johann Daniel Linder born 20 August 1730 in Mimbach, Saar, Germany[2,3], married (1)Sarah Hill 13 Mar 1754 in Orangeburgh, South Carolina, and married (2)Unknown Traxler[5].

c. Anna Gertruda (Catharina) Linder born 26 Dec 1733 in Germany, died 12 Jan 1735 in Germany[2,3].

d. Lewis Linder born about 1734 in Germany, married Anna Hasfort (Horsfort) in Orangeburgh, South Carolina[5].

e. Mary Linder, born abt. 1735 in Orangeburgh District, South Carolina, married William Young on 2 Jul 1752 [1,7].

f. Jacob Linder born abt. 1738 in Orangeburgh District, South Carolina, married Elinor (Eliner, Elener, Elina, Eleanor) [probably] Lewis, and died before 22 Mar 1808 in Georgia. Elinor married (2)Thomas Pullin (Pullen) in Georgia[5].

g. Elizabeth Linder, baptized 15 Oct 1741 on Barnard Elliott's Plantation, Orangeburgh District, South Carolina [1,7].

h. Margaret Linder, born abt. 1743 in Orangeburgh District, South Carolina[5].

i. Katherina Linder, born abt. 1745 in Orangeburgh District, South Carolina[5].


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Information provided by Pamela K. Johnson 08/23/03.