First Families of Orangeburgh District, South Carolina

Salley (Säli, Sälin)

1. HEINI (Heinrich, Henry) SÄLI(N), was baptized 18 Mar 1694 in Zeglingen, BL, Switzerland[1,2] and died in 1765 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina [15]. He was the son of HEINRICH SÄLI and BARBARA SUTER(IN), married 8 Mar 1681[1,2], and the grandson of HANS SALI and ANNA BIEDERMAN, married 10 Oct 1642 [1,2]. He married MARIA VON ARX, 22 Oct 1720 in Sissach, BL, Switzerland[3,4]. She was baptized 2 May 1697 in Sissach, BL, Switzerland[3]. Maria was the daughter of MARTIN VON ARX and MARIA WURTZ[3].

Heini and Maria started down the Rhine in mid April in a party of 42 with the Rickenbachers, the Gieglemanns (two families), the Bitterlis, the Busers, and the Straumans[5]. They almost certainly took passage on the ship Samuel, leaving Rotterdam 20 May 1735 (Gregorian)[12]. After a stop in Cowes, they arrived in Charleston on 13 Jul 1735 (Julian)[8]. They probably left Charleston on 24 Jul 1735 for Orangeburg[8].

Heini paid manumission in Switzerland for only four children[5]. Since Anna Maria, Heini, Jr. and Martin are all mentioned in the Giessendanner Record[6,7], the suggestion is that either Barbara or Elsbeth died young or was left behind.

Heini's grant of 200 acres on the Edisto River and town lot #168 were surveyed on 20 Sep 1735[9]. The plat and survey show his name as Henry Zaley[9,10]. The present day Orangeburg Country Club clubhouse is located on the Southeast part of this grant. Heini's family size would have justified a grant of 300 acres rather than the 200 acres he received. Other grant data suggests that he may have given two of his headrights to Heinrich Rickenbacher, perhaps in return for passage money for part of his family[11].

Children of Heini Säli and Maria von Arx are:

a. ANNA MARIA SÄLI, baptized 11 Nov 1721 in Zeglingen, BL, Switzerland[1,2], married JOSEPH CUTTIER on 27 Mar 1741 in Orangeburgh District, South Carolina[6,7], and died aft. 15 Apr 1758 in Orangeburgh District, SC[6,7].

b. HEINI SÄLI, baptized 10 Oct 1723 in Zeglingen, BL, Switzerland[1,2], married MAGDALENA HUBER 29 July 1744 in Orangeburgh District, South Carolina[15], and died died in 1804 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina [15].

c. BARBARA SÄLI, baptized 4 Jan 1725 in Zeglingen, BL, Switzerland[1,2].

d. MARTIN SÄLI, baptized 12 May 1730 in Zeglingen, BL, Switzerland[1,2], married SUSANNAH ___ in Orangeburgh District, South Carolina[6,7], died aft. 31 Dec 1758 in Orangeburgh District, South Carolina[6,7].

e. ELSBETH SÄLI, baptized 1 Feb 1733 in Zeglingen, BL, Switzerland[1,2].

f. JOHN SALLEY, born abt. 1740 in Orangeburgh Township, South Carolina[13,14], married MARY KEZIAH WRIGHT (the widow of Stephen Moss) in 1775 in Orangeburgh District, South Carolina[14], died 10 Nov 1794 in Orangeburgh District South Carolina[13], buried in Salley Family Cemetery, Orangeburg, South Carolina[13].

Heini (Henry, Jr.) and Martin settled in the upper part of Orangeburg District and are the ancestors of the Salleys of Aiken County and those around Springfield, North and Woodford.[14]

John is the ancestor most of the Salleys in and around the town of Orangeburg. John was a member of the Provincial Congress of South Carolina and was a member of the first General Assembly of South Carolina representing that District between the North Fork of the Edisto and the Savannah Rivers [14].

The surname is spelled Säli (occasionally Sälin) in the Swiss Church Book. It was pronounced Say-lee. This is probably the reason for the name Zaley on Heini's grant.


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Information provided by Jim Rickenbacker and Lawton Salley on 11/23/02, updated on 5/28/03.