First Families of Orangeburgh District, South Carolina

Summers (Sommers)

1. George Summers, Sr. was born in 1735 in Chester, England, and died July 1781 in Branchville, South Carolina[3]. He married Elizabeth Hazelwood[1].

He is buried in the Summers Cemetery, Rowesville, SC, near Cattle Creek Campgrounds. His tombstone says: "Born in Chester, England in 1735. He came to America in 1760. Enlisted with General Marion near the beginning of the Revolutionary War and while home on a forty eight hour furlough, Was killed by the Tories in July 1781."[2,3] Tradition states that he was buried right where he fell, and as they had no coffin, they cut down a tree and hollowed it out the length of a coffin and buried him in that[4].

George, Sr. died just a short time before the birth of his son. His son, George and wife Mary, donated to the trustees of Cattle Creek Campground two acres of land and about 15 poles to construct the "The Stand" or Tabernacle built there. His home served as the Methodist's preacher's home[2].

Child of George Summers and Elizabeth Hazelwood is:

a. George Summers, Jr., born 22 Oct 1781 in South Carolina; died 1 Nov 1844 in Orangeburg County, South Carolina. He married (1) Margaret Ratcliffe abt. 1813 in South Carolina. She was born 30 Sep 1793, and died 2 Jun 1825. He married (2) Mary Huff before 1827 in Orangeburg County, South Carolina; She was born 4 May 1804 and died 30 Nov 1879. George, Jr. and both of his wives are buried at the Summers Cemetery, Rowesville, SC[1].


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Information provided by Rose M. Kendrick 09/17/02.