First Families of Orangeburgh District, South Carolina

Yaun (Jahn, Jann, Yohn, Yonn, Yon, Yaun, Yawn)

The Niclaus Jahn Family

First Generation

1. Niclaus Jahn was born in about 1710, probably in Switzerland. A Jahn family is listed in the Register of Swiss Surnames (which records the surnames of families holding citizenship in Swiss communities) for the years prior to 1800 in Flums Dorf and in Wartau, Canton of Sankt Gallen, and later in Bern, Zurich, and other cantons.1 He married Christina Susannah ?. Their marriage is not recorded in the Giessendanner Book of Record, but she appears there in records of baptisms.2

A plat was filed by Nicholas Yohn on 14 Dec 1738, for 200 acres in Berkeley County and a town lot for 0.5 acres in Orangeburgh Township. George Haig was surveyor.3 A Memorial for this land was filed on 23 Oct 1758.4

Children of NICHOLAS YAUN and Christina Susannah are [see res. note a]:

2.i.William, born bef. 1755, died after 1800.5

3.ii.Anna Christine Barbara, bapt. 19 Apr 1747,6 burial on plantation of Nicholas Yonn 27 Jun1759.7 [see res. note b]

4.iii.Nicholas, Jr., born ca. 1751, burial on the plantation of Nicholas Yonn 20 Jul 1759.8


a. A daughter Susannah is not recorded in the Giessendanner record but is sometimes suggested as the wife Susannah of Martin Salley; this has not been proven.

b. The Giessendanner record places her age at burial as 15 years, 8 months. This is apparently an error, and should be 12 years, 8 months.

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Information provided by Marijo Yaun Culwell and Lynn Shuler Teague, 2011

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