Amelia, New Windsor, Orangeburgh, Saxe Gotha

These notes were developed some time ago and some of the information may not be supported by documentation. The family notes on this page will be superceeded by the First Family Biographies as they become available.

ABERLY - List of Persons who left the Parish Bonnsteten, Canton Zurich, Switzerland to go to Carolina. Hans Aeberlj, born 17 Dec 1720, son of Hans deceased withdrew in May 1743. They were in service in the district of Knonau. REF: List of Swiss Emigrants in the Eighteenth Century to American Colonies by Albert Bernhardt Faust (1920) Volume I, (Zurich, 1734 ' 1744), page 37.
*On 3 May 1736 Survey Orangeburgh (SC) Township lot nr.26 and 50 acres.

AMAKER - 1742 Feb 2 Oberhasle, Bern, Switzerland, to Hans am Acher, who emigrated to Carolina, have been sent the proceeds from the sale of his little home, 16 crowns less 5 pounds, 6 shillings, 8 pence emigration tax. This money Peter Huber will personally deliver to am Acher. (Amacher is still a common family name in the district of Oberhasle). Faust Vol.II, pg.35.
*On 13 Oct 1736 warrant per SC Council Journal and granted Orangeburgh (SC) Township lot # 386 and 300 acres of land.

BAIR - See First Families of Orangeburg, Bair.

BAUKNIGHT - Raidwanger, Neckartenzlingen, Wuerttemberg, Germany. Michael Bauknecht born 5 July 1711 departed Germany with wife Maria Margaretha Stocklin, dau. of Hans Casper Stocklin in 1749. German Immigration 1709 - 1786 the Adolf Gerber lists. Don Yoder pg. 36.
*On 2 Oct 1752 arrived Dutch Fork, South Carolina, ship snow Roland.

BERRY - 1754 On Monday March 11th was enterred at the Plantation of William Barrie the Body of William Barrie, a native from Scotland, but a Liver in Orangeburgh Township for many years. (Rev. Giessendanner) *1749 Jan 7 Bought 200 acres from Peter Faure (orig. surv. 8 May 1736), resurv. May 23, 1749.

BLUER - Grindelwald, Interlaken, Bern, Switzerland On March 9, 1744, the Landvogtei of Interlaken received from Hans Blauwer (now written Bleuer), father and son, of Grindelwald, on 1200 pounds withdrawn @ 10% 120 pounds. Family still to be found in commune of Grindelwald. Faust, Vol.II, pg.28.
*Arrived Charles Town, South Carolina 6 Nov 1747 via Havanna.

BOOKMAN - John Jacob Bachman was christened 22 March 1696 in Elgg, Switzerland. Arrived in South Carolina via Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on ship St. Andrew under Capt. Brown in 1743.
*On January 10, 1749 received SC land grant in Craven County of 200 acres.

BOOZER - Laufelfinger, Homburg, Basel, Switzerland. Emigrants to Carolina recorded AMT Homburg: (1736)
Buser, Uli, of Leuffelfingen, 51 years of age Catharina Buess, his wife, age 45
Their children:
1. Uhli, bapt............... Apr. 16, 1719
2. Anna, bapt............... Febr. 15, 1722
3. Elssbeth, bapt........... Oct. 7, 1725
Gratis. Has only 24 pounds worth of property left. Faust, Vol.II, pg.98.
*Saxe Gotha(SC) Township.

BOSSART - "List of Emigrants in 1738 Amt Farnsburg, Zuntzgen: Jacob Bossart emig REF: Faust Vol. II, pg. 114. Pg.116 "Zunzgen: Jacob Bossart Since KB does not give less than three Jacob Bossarts, it is not possible to determine the names of his wife and three children. Moreover, he probably did not emigrate, because his name is not on the list of those who applied for a 'Gant."
*1754 Dec 6 Surv. 200 acres Orangeburgh, SC. Council Journal 4 Jul 1755.

BRUCE - Came to America from Scotland about 1762. Moved to Orangeburgh between 1764 and 1775. He served as justice of Peace and justice of the quorum for Orangeburgh District and in 1779 represented Orange Parish in the South Carolina House of Representatives.  REF: Orangeburgh District by Culler, pg. 130-131.

BURGI - See First Families of Orangeburg, Giegelman, Rickenbacker.

BUSER - 23 Apr 1735 Oberdorf, Waldenburg, Basel, Switzerland. Wernet Buser of Oberdorf, with wife and children started down the Rhine to go to Carolina. Buser paid manumission (those in bondage) according to the decree, but begged to be graciously released from the payment of it. Furthermore, from Werner Buser of Tennicken, who has gone to Carolina for him, his wife and 3 children; Manumission 35, tend percent tax of 50 pounds worth of property 5.40 which makes his dues, if 50 pounds was all he possessed, four fifths of his property.
Barbara Suter, his wife, their children:
1. Jacob, bapt. Apr. 26, 1729 at Tenniken
2. and 3. Not recorded in Tenniken and therefore perhaps born and baptised in Oberdorf.
Faust, Vol.II, pgs.90 and 92.
*On 29 Oct 1735 granted Orangeburgh (SC) Township lot nr.42 and 250 acres.

BUSS - 1736 Ormalingen, Farnsburg, Basel, Switzerland. Buess, Johannes, of Ormalingen and Ester Breiting, his wife Their children: (These are not his children by Ester Breiting, who he married only Jan. 10, 1736, but by Anna Buser, deceased Apr. 27, 1735).
1. Basche, bapt............. Jan. 5, 1729
2. Margret, bapt............ June 4, 1730
3. Anna Maria, bapt......... Sept. 30, 1731
Children by the first marriage of Ester Breiting (to N.N. Annisshausslein):
1. Hans Jacob Anissh
2. Barbara Anissh (Barbar Anisshausslein postponed her emigration till 1740.
3. Ursula Anissh
Gratis. Have no property. Joh. Buess had been in England before. Faust Vol.II, pg.96.
*On 25 June 1741 granted Orangeburgh (SC) Township lot nr.10 and 250 acres.

CARN - See First Families of Orangeburg, Carn.

CLETY - Rikon, Illnau, Zurich, Switzerland. Anna, wife of Hans Kloti of Rikon, was sister of Elisabeth Frauenfelder. On 19 Dec 1749 arrived from Switzerland via Greenwich, Capt. Randolph.
*On 29 May 1750 granted 150 acres Orangeburgh (SC) Township.

CONNOR - See First Families of Orangeburg, Connor.

COOK - Obersteinmur, Steinmur, Zurich, Switzerland In March 1741 left for Carolina:
Hans Koch, Michael's son, baptized August 14, 1681, Verena Meyer, baptized June 6, 1686
Cleophee, baptized August 2, 1716
Cathrj, baptized February 18, 1720
Regula, baptized November 5, 1724
Joseph, baptized March 1, 1713
Kljannj Meyer, baptized June 10, 1715
Maria, baptized January 8, 1741 Faust, Vol.I, pg.85.
*Amelia Township(SC) lot #74 and 450 acres of land.

CULLER - See First Families of Orangeburg, Culler.

DANTZLER - See First Families of Orangeburg, Dantzler.

DUNBAR - South Carolina Magazine Jan-Feb 1977, "James Dunbar from County Antrim, Ireland". William Dunbar, the son of William and Sarah Dunbar, was born 23 February 1752 in Belfast, Ireland. Prior to the American Revolution he immigrated to South Carolina, settling in Orangeburg District.

DUPUIS - See First Families of Orangeburg, Dupuis.

DURING - See First Families of Orangeburg, Till.

EICHELBERGER - Father Jakob Eichelberger bapt. June 4, 1648, Wynau, Canton Bern, Switzerland. To Itllingan, Baden, Germany 1664. Died 1714 Ittlingen. Lived Glashutte, Murgenthal, Canton Aargau before move to Ittlingen. Son Johann George Eichelberger born 15 Feb 1730 Eschlbach, Baden, Germany. REF: Carolina Herald Dec 1997.

FELDER - See First Families of Orangeburg, Felder.

FENDER ' Born in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany. Matthew Fender arrived at Mr. Bedon's wharf, Charles Town, SC Oct. 1751, ship Anne. Plat of land for Mathew Pfender (Fender) dated Jan. 8, 1752. A track for two hundred and fifty acres of land on the north side of the main branch of Saltcatcher, Colleton County, SC surveyed on 4 Jan 1753.

FICHTNER - Arrived 1749 from German Palatinate and petition for 250 acres in Amelia Township (SC), lately from Germany (Rev. Giessendanner)

FISHER - John Fisher, a native of Scotland, immigrated to America 1760 with sister Mary. 1768 Sep 12 Granted Lot 271. Orangeburgh Merchant. To England 1775 returned 1778 and settled St. Augustine and then Savannah. Returned Orangeburgh 1780 appointed Colonel in militia.

FRAUENFELDE R - Henggart, Illnau, Zurich, Switzerland. Arrived PA 1743 on Francis and Elizabeth. Faust Vol 1, pg.60 Daughters married Dantzler and Whetstone.

FRIDAY - Frutigen, Bern, Switzerland. Hans Freydig of Frutigen emigrated to America in 1735. No further news of him seems to have reached this country as of 26 Dec. 1750. He falls heir to a legacy of 75 crowns and his relatives here request request that this property be given to them, since Freydig had said that he would give up his right to the legacy. The government, however, refuses this request on the grounds that the family circumstances of the emigrant are not known and that sufficient time has not elapsed for him to be declared missing. The interest on the capital, however, may be divided annually among the relative. (This family name, which is common in the district of Frutigen, is officially written Frydig. There are also Freydig's who have home- rights in Lenk in the district of Ober-Simmenthal). Faust, Vol.II,pg.44.
*On 22 Oct 1735 granted Orangeburgh (SC) Township lot nr.398 and 200 acres.

FRY - Married Catharina Fry, lately arrived from Germany on 26 Dec 1752 (Rev. Giessendanner)

FULMER - "I, Johannes Vollmer, was born on February 8, 1733 in Underhausen of the Department Pfullinger in the Duchy of Wurtemberg. My father was Eberhardt Lugwig Vollmer, My mother was named Agnes, nee Mock. The witness of my baptism (my baptismal sponsors) were John Jacob Heid and Maria Agnes Herman. On April 14, 1752 we together with other emigrants began the voyage to America where after traveling a long time we reached South Carolina at the end of October, and at once started for the country where we settled in the Fork where I am writing the above."

FUNCHESS - See First Families of Orangeburg, Funchess.

GALLMAN - Hans Jacob from Mettmestten, Switzerland in his letter 12 Nov 1738 and finished by his son Heiri Gallman in Saxe Gotha (SC), states that he arrived from London at Charles Town, South Carolin.
*Received 350 acre land grant Saxe Gotha Township (SC) on 17 Sep 1736. (Gallman = Coleman)

GARTMAN - See First Families of Orangeburg, Gartman.

GEIGER - See First Families of Orangeburg, Geiger.

GIEGELMAN - See First Families of Orangeburg, Giegelman.

GIESSENDANNER - See First Families of Orangeburg, Giesendanner.

GOVAN - Orangeburgh District by Culler, pg. 147. Andrew Govan is said to have been a follower of Prince Charles Edward (Stuart), "the Young Pretender," and with other rebels fled to America from Scotland in 1745.

GRAMLING - Menchberg of Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, Germany. Some say Adam Gramling lived near Hamburg and arrived in South Carolina in 1750.
*Orangeburgh (SC) Township

HAIG ' George Haig was a Scotch Indian Trader, was a resident of Saxe Gotha, a surveyor, land speculator. On 13 November 1738, he presented Council a claim for 310 pounds due him for laying off the townships of Amelia, Saxe Gotha, and Orangeburgh. George Haig was captured by the Northern (French) or Nottweas (or Nottowagos) Indians and killed in 1748.

HARTZOG - See First Families of Orangeburg, Hartzog.

HAIGLER - See First Families of Orangeburg, Haigler.

HERLONG - See First Families of Orangeburg, Herlong.

HESSY - Basel, Switzerland
*On 18 Sep 1735 surved Orangeburgh (SC)Township lot 19 and 150 acres.

HIERS - Johann Jacob was born 3 September 1707, Pfalzgrafenweiler, Wurttenburg, Germany and married 2 Feb 1734 Mary Barbara Magdalene Wagner in Germany.

HOLLINSHEAD - John Hollinshead and wife Grace with son William, born about 1670 in England, with wife Elizabeth Adams were immigrants, arrived in America from England in 1678. William had a son named Samuel and they settled a short time in Salem N.J. but by 1680 were living in Burlington County, New Jersey. Samuel and Ann (Rossell) Hollingshead sold their land in New Jersey in 1738 to Samuel's brother William and they had moved to South Carolina by 1750. When Samuel Hollinshead petitioned for land in Orangeburgh in 1750, he stated that he had come from the Jerseys and Virginia about two years ago and that he had a wife and two children. OGS-GS Newsletter Vol5, pg. 94.

HORGER - See First Families of Orangeburg, Horger.

HORLBECK - John Adam came to Charleston in 1764, Peter came near or around that time, both being born in Leipzig (Leipsic), Saxony, Germany.

HOUSER - Alsace, Germany to PA (1739) to South Carolina 1752.

HUBER - Oberhasel, Bern, Switzerland In 1742 Peter Huber was taken captive and examined revealing that he was a native of Oberhasle in the Bernese Oberland, about thirty years of age, and by trade a shoemaker. He was on his way back to Carolina, accompanied by his wife and two children, whom he had come to fetch the foregoing summer. One daughter had gone with him to Carolina on his first trip, about eight years before (1734) and she had remained in Carolina. Faust Vol.I, pgs.13-16.
*On 6 Oct 1737 was granted Orangeburgh (SC) Township lot nr.391 and 150 acres of land. On 6 Oct. 1742 upon his arrival from Holland by way of Philadephia he petitioned for 100 acres of land.

HUGG - Aarmuhle(Interlaken) Bern, Switzerland. On the 14th of February 1742 received the 55 crowns which have been sent to Peter Hug of Aarmuhle, who is now in Carolina, the emigration tax of 10 percent - 18 pounds 6 sh. 8 d. (Aarmuhle was formerly the name of Interlaken). Faust Vol.II, pg.54.
*Peter Hugg died 10 Nov 1750 after living 15 years in Orangeburgh (SC) Township.

HUNGERPILLER - See First Families of Orangeburg, Hungerpiller.

IMDORFF - Parish christening register (Vol. 5 page 280) Meiringen, Bern, Switzerland. Meiringen baptismal records are lost from 1703 to 1732.
*1740 Dec. 10, married Hans Im Dorfe [In the Village] to Magdalene Piercy, maiden name Bush Widow of Jacob Purian.

INABINET - See First Families of Orangeburg, Inabinet.

JEFFCOAT - Jacob Jeffcoat first appeared in South Carolina as a member of the King's Army in Oct. 1759, on payroll of Capt. Musgrove, under Col. Chevilette. He and 21 others deserted on an expedition to Fort Pierce. Later received a land grand of 300a. on Fork Creek, a branch of Lynches Creek in Craven County. The earliest known reference to the name "Jeffcoat" in "America" is in 1689 in Stafford Co. Virginia

KAUFMAN -1735 Mar 13 Interlaken - Hans in Aebnit of Wargistal in Grindelwald paid immigration tax on 900 pounds which he has taken with him to Carolina. (Wargistal is a subdivision of the large commune Grindelwald in the district of Interlakern). 1735 Mar 17th the Swiss government returned emigration tax to Hans im Aebnit of Interlaken. Died en route to America. REF: Faust V.II, pg.20, pgs. 54 and 55.
*1740 Sep 3 Surv. Lot 249 + 50 acres (Henderapnit). REF: Plat 7:50. Maria Kaufman was wife of Hans Inabinet.

KELLER -State Archives of Basel, Farnsburg, Arisdorf, Switzerland (Faust, Vol. II, pg.125-126; List of March 16, 1740) From Martin Keller of Arristorff, (bapt. July 11, 1706). Ten percent tax on lb. 2750 worth of property ...275 Pro manumissione for him and his wife... 20 Ditto for their 3 children... 15 -- 310 Elsbeth Haring, his wife, bapt. Nov. 6, 1707 Their children: 1. Hans Jacob, apt..... March 7, 1729 2. Elsbeth, bapt.... July 27, 1732 3. Martin, bapt..... March 3, 1737.
*On 27 Jan 1737 Surv. Lot 138. REF: Plat (018) 2:537; (OGS News pg. 26). Married Matthias Keller to Mary Handshy.

KERSH - Evidence obtained to date indicates that Hans George KERSH (Kirsh, Kirsch, Kerce) was born in Zuzenhausen, Baden, Heidelberg, Germany about 1710. Several sources verify that he received approval from the Karlsruhe, Germany office in 1744 to emigrate, with his wife and 2 children.
*Hans George Kersh received a land grant in 1749 for 250 acres, located in Saxe Gotha Township.

KINSLER - In the Council journal dated 26th May 1742 is a petition from the band of Swiss settlers who arrive "ever since the year 1737" and were allotted lands in the new township Congaree. The Petitioners stated that they were allotted lands in 1737 and begged that the lands be surveyed. Tobler Diary mentions group as having separated from the Tobler group in Charleston. Hans Conrad Kuntzler, Christined 14 Feb 1709 in St. Margrethen, Canton Gallen, Switzerland, was in this group.

KNOBEL - On 7 Nov 1752 Frederick Knodel from one of the towns of Dutchy of Writemberg arrived Charles Town on ship Snow Rowand from Rotterdam. On 25 Mar 1753 lately from Germany (Rev. Giessendanner)
*On 9 Apri 1753 surveyed 250 acres Amelia(SC) Township.

KUHN - Rieden, Zurich, Switzerland On March 31, 1744, gone to Carolina from the Parish Dielstorff:
Parents: Heinrich Kuhn, Regula Zobelj
Children: Felix Kuhn
Heinrich Kuhn
Peter Kuhn
Total five persons from Dielstorf, attested: Hans Heinrich Wirtz, Pastor From the Parish of Rieden the following persons have left for Carolina: 1739 Caspar Kuhn, from Rieden, born October 10, 1713. His wife, Anna Magdalen Mejer, from Rumlang, born January 21, 1714. Anna, their daughter, born April 29, 1739. Faust Vol.I,pg.44.
*SC Council Journal 19 December 1749 memorial of 200 acres of land.

LAURER - Zwerbrucken, Germany. However, Orangeburgh Larry family Irish per OGS-GS Newsletter Vol.1, pg.58.
*On 21 Oct 1735 Peter Lorier lot 21 and 300 acres Orangeburgh (SC) Township.

LINDER - See First Families of Orangeburg, Linder.

LONG - Rath, Stadel, Zurich, Switzerland List of those persons who since 1734 left the Parish Stadel for Carolina: From Rath: Hans Lang, baptized Nobember 28, 1686 His wife, Anna Meyer, baptized May 13, 1697 Children: Esther, baptized January 15, 1721
Felix, baptized March 14, 1724
Anna, baptized July 31, 1729
Jacob, baptized December 1, 1737
Faust Vol.I,pgs, 81,83.
*Obtained land Saxe Gotha(SC) Township and near Crim's Creek.

LOUIS - Deopold Lichtenstein, born in Huttenbach, Bavaria, Germany, changed his name about 1849 to D. Louis as he was known throughout a long and exceedingly successful career as a merchant in Orangeburg County.

MCMICHAEL - One of three brothers who came from Scotland. John McMichael settled in New York; James McMichael in Pennsyvania; and George McMichael settled in South Carolina. Orangeburgh District 1768-1868 by Culler, pg. 322. REF: AS Salley (SC Genealogies 25 Dec 1909) June 23, 1774 land grant for 282 acres. Survey of 100 acres on Cedar Creek on August 26, 1774.

MILLER - Basel, Switzerland - 1734 "Jacob Muller (KB Hans Jacob) 'Informator': Catharina Elisabeth Weitnauer, his wife; Their Children: Ester, Born or bapt. Apr. 26, 1729; Ludwig Friedrerich, born or bapt. Oct. 21, 1732; third child probably bapt. away from Basel. Made application for a contribution toward his traveling expenses was denied. He wished to emigrate to Carolina because he could not sustain himself at Basel, but we do not know whether he carried out his intention (RP 106, Nov 17)." Faust Vol. II, pg. 89
*1735 Sep 25 Surveyed Orangeburgh Township lot 169 + 100 acres.

MINNICK - Erlendbach, Nieder-Simmenthal, Bern, Switizerland. In 1758 Captain Minnig, an English citizen, acquired an estate in Gwatt, near Thun and was involved in a paternity suit with Maria Koch. A child was born to them and numerous entries in the Divorce Court during the period December 1760 to May 1764 referred to Christian Minnig of Latterbach in the parish of Erlenbach (District of Nieder-Simmenthal). Faust Vol.II, pgs.64-65. Also, married in London, England in 1762 and these children moved to Charlston, South Carolin in 1789. Capt. Christian Minnick died in Bristol, Bucks Co., PA after 28 Nov 1783. During this entire period he was also married to Rebecca Young of Orangeburgh (SC) Township.
*On 25 Sept. 1735 was granted Orangeburgh (SC) Township lot nr.266 and 50 acres of land.

MINTZ - Haute Loire, France. On 8 Dec 1752 Gaspar Mantz, Elizabeth Mantz, Anna Maria Mantz arrived on ship Caledonia from France to Germany to Swizerland. LexExch Vol.9, Bk.2
*Received land Saxe Gotha (SC) Township

MONHEIM - Married Christopher Monheim, lately from Germany on 26 Dec 1752 (Rev. Giessendanner).

MOORER - See First Families of Orangeburg, Moorer.

MORFF - Rikon, Illnau, Zurich, Switzerland Both Felix Morff and Jacob Morff from Rikon were married on 22 July 1749 (p.II 49 Illnau Parish Records) "To Carolina"
*19 May 1750 surveyed 100 acres Four Holes Swamp Orangeburgh (SC).

MURPHY - John Murphy's parents were Neil Murphy and Margaret Downing, both born in Scotland. John Murphy was a lawyer from South Carolina. He moved to Alabama and became the fourth governor.

MURRAY - William Murry arrived Charleston from Belfast Ireland on 8 Feb 1768 on ship Betty Gregg. Settled on the Edisto River six miles from St. George, at the intersection of the Charleston - Augusta, GA stage coach road and the Walterboro Road (SC highway 15). For over a hundred years this community was known as "Murrays Crossroads" but was changed to "Grover". REF: Moorer, Connor, Murray book by Monroe Black (1997.

MYERS - See First Families of Orangeburg, Myers.

NEGELY - Oberhasle, Bern, Switzerland. On 20 May 1742 Lietuentant Caspar Nageli paid in the name of the widow and children of Balthasar Nageli, who went to Carolina, 40 crowns, the customary tax on 400 crowns. On 14 October 1776 it was noted that the five brothers and sisters, Peter, Heinrich, Belthasar, Barbara, and Margaretha Nageli, of Oberhasle, emigrated to America in the year 1742. Their property still left in this country, amounting to about 449 crowns, will be awarded to their nearest relatives. (The family Nageli is spread over almost all the parishes (only has a few villages) of the district of Oberhasel). Faust Vol.II, pg.66
*On 6 Oct. 1742 petitioned for 300 acres of land in Orangeburgh (SC), South Carolina (from Holland by way of Philadelphia). A native of Switzerland (Rev. Giessendanner).

OTT - See First Families of Orangeburg, Ott.

PIEREN - Adelboden, Frutigen, Bern, Switzerland. On 8 June 1763 Jacob Pieren emigrated to Carolina about 30 years ago. Relatives in this country request the government to deliver to them the property he left in the care of the commune of Adelboden. The request is refused. (The Pieren family from the district of Frutigen spoke German, although the form of the name seems to be French). Faust Vol.II, pg.67.
*On 8 Oct 1735 was granted Orangeburgh (SC) Township lot nr.515 and 150 acres of land.

POU - Salley History p.33 - Scotchman came to Orangeburgh about 1740. The ancestor of the Pou family in America was Phillip Pou of Scotland. The Pou family fled from Spain (old providence of Catalonia) to France. They became French citizens. Later, they fled France to go to the British Isles before 1700. Phillip Pou resided at Glasgow, Scotland and married Ursula Mureno, an Italian noblewoman. They immigrated to Orangeburg, SC in 1740.

POUND - Hallau, Schaffhausen, Germany. Jakob Pfund with wife and three children to PA in 1748. Described as Jakob Pfund, who lives at the Butcher's Shop. PA German Immigrants 1709-1786, pg. 334, by Don Yoder (Steinemann List).
*Barbara Pfund, a widow, married John Kitchen in Orangeburgh (SC) and on 29 Sep 1759 Barbara Kitchen, alias Fund, a widow, died.

RAST ' Johann Leonhard Rast was born 12 November 1742, Saussenhofen, Brandenburg-Ansbach, Germany. Older brother, Johann Mathias Rast went to Berkley Co., SC while Johann (John) Leonhard Rast went to Orangeburg District. John Rast had seven land plats shown on the Amelia township map.

RICKENBAKER - See First Families of Orangeburg, Rickenbacker.

RINTZ - Oberjettigen, Wutenerburg, Germany. Georg Rentz, of Emminger, with wife and three children went to new world to take inherited property to PA in 1751. PA Germans 1709-1786, pg. 103-104, by Don Yoder (The Adolf Gerber List). Sower's Newspare Apr 16, 1757 Johannes Rentz, Ebenezer, South Carolina, is informed his brother Johann Georg Rentz, from Weihl, Schoenbuck, arrived in PA five years ago and seeks information about Johannes.
*Hans Georg Rentz died about 1760 Orangeburgh, South Carolina.

ROTH - Interlaken, Bern, Switzerland. On 9 March 1744 Peter Roth paid emigration tax and departed for Carolina. Faust Vol.II,pg.28. On 8 Oct 1735 was granted Orangeburgh (SC) Township lot nr.26 and 150 acres of land. Peter Rotte (Swiss) was taken prisoner of Spanish and help in Cuba for two years.
*Arrived South Carolina 31 July 1746 per Council Journal.

RUMPH - Bern, Switzerland. Arrived in South Carolina 13 July 1735.
*On 25 Sep 1735 surved Orangeburgh (SC) Township lot 276 and 500 acres.

SALLEY - See First Families of Orangeburg, Salley.

SCHOENBURG ' Wolf Dietrich von Schoenburg was born 30 September 1836 in Moritzburg, Saxony, Germany. He was a teacher in the Orangeburg and Lexington County area.

SEAWRIGHT - Andrea files: The Rev. John Baxter brought in a band of Presbyterians from Ireland in 1736 (Council Journal dated 8 Feb 1737) which includes James Seawright, himself and wife, in Williamsburg; William Seawright, wife and 3 children under age of 16 on Wateree; Robert Seawright and single on Wateree. William and Robert Seawright who settled on the Wateree River removed across the river to Saxe Gotha / Amelia on Beaver Creek, Berkely Co. SC. Plat for 150 acres for William Seawright Sr. surveyed 18 July 1749. He settled on the Wateree River in Old Orangeburgh District (now Calhoun County).

SHAUMLOFFEL - School caretaker in Waldmohr, Germany. To Charles Town in 1716 per Orangeburgh (SC) History by Salley.
*On 18 Dec 1738 Orangeburgh (SC) Township lot 257 and 550 acres of land.

SHEALY - Johannes Sheley grant certified on December 14, 1752, for land on "Crims' Creek. He was born in Unterhausen, Wurttemberg, Germany.

SHULER - See First Families of Orangeburg, Schuler.

SISTRUNK - Hamlicken, Andelfingen, Zurich, Switzerland. Departed the Parish of Andelfingern in 1743 without desiring a certificate from the Minister:
Heinrich Susstrunck, shoemaker from Humlicken, aged 29 1/2
His wife Ursula Ulry, aged 25
Child: Hans Ulrich, 8 months
He also took with him his sister Barbara, aged 17 1/2, who has not yet received the communion. Faust Vol.I,pg.33 and NatGenSocQtr pg.39. Henry Sistrunk (Swiss) taken prisoner of Spanish and held in Cuba for two years.
*Arrived South Carolina 31 July 1746 per Council Journal.

SLAPPEY - Oberhasle, Mittelwegziehungsprotokoll, Bern, Switzerland. October 31, 1774, many years ago Georg Schleppig of Oberhasle left for America. His sister Christiana lives in Berlin as the widow of the silk - weaver Laport. According to the statement of this sister, George has disappeared without even having given a report of himself. She wishes to award of one-half of the property still remaining in Oberhasle belonging to George, amounting to 185 crowns. The government demands first the proofs that George died without natural heirs. (The Schlappi family is spread over almost all parishes of the district Oberhasle). Faust Vol.II, pg.69.
*Arrived South Carolina in Saxe Gotha Township.

SMITH - Dossenheim, Baden, Germany. Married Anna Maria Wedel, a widow, in South Carolina.
*Settled in the Polk Springs area of Orangeburgh (SC) Township

SMOAK - See First Families of Orangeburg, Smoak.

SPRING - Basel, Switzerland. In 1739 Hans Spring delivered a letter to the brother of Heini Riggenbacher in Ruenberg, Switzerland. Hans Spring, had come over to engage emigrants for Carolina, told in Muttenz in 1740 that Hans Meyer, the former herdsman of Pratteln, had become proprietor of 300 acres of land and owner of a handsome lot of cattle in Carolina and was his nearest neighbor. It was to Pennsylvania that at least the emigrants from Muttenz were firmly resolved to go, so firmly that even the agent Hans Spring, who was enlisting emigrants for Carolina, could not divert them from their purpose. Faust Vol.II, pgs.91, 109 and 124.
*On 20 Oct 1735 granted Orangeburgh (SC) Township lot nr.272 and 200 acres.

STABLER - Freudenstein, Maulbronn, Wuertenberg, Germany. Jacob Stauber, a native of Canton Zurich in Switzerland, Inhabitant of Orangeburgh for about 7 months died Sept. 8, 1750. Aged 44 years, left a wife. (Rev. Giessendanner). He arrived from Switzerland via Greenwich 19 Dec 1749. Gottlieb Stable arrived from Germany and received land on 30 Aug 1756 in Saxe Gotha (SC) Township
*On 3 Nov 1750 Jacob Stauber received 100 acres Orangeburgh (SC) Township.

STEINWENDER - Stein, Baden, Germany. Daniel Steynwinter arrived South Carolina in 1752, ship Rowand. Daniel was the son of Johannes Steinwender, who was first listed in 1712 as a schoolmaster in Stein; then as schoolmaster in Langensteinback for a year; and finally ran the oil mill in Stein. He Died 6 Feb 1736 in Stein, aged 50 years 2 months.
*On 28 Nov 1752 Daniel Steynwinter petition for land Orangeburgh (SC)

STROBEL - Andreas Stobel first lived in Hassloch and died in Lampetheim, Starkenburg, Hessen-Nassaui, Germany, in 1693 and was the father of Paul Strobel. In 1732 two brothers (Casper and Daniel Strobel) and one sister (Elizabeth ) came from Germany to SC. Casper Settled Chasn, Daniel Colletion Co., Elizabeth m. Mr. Carn abt 1740-5.

STROMAN - See First Families of Orangeburg, Stroman.

STURKIE - See First Families of Orangeburg, Sturkey.

SUMMER ' Hans Adam Summer arrived in the "St. Andrew"- Philidelphia- with wife and children on 7 October 1743. On 31 Aug 1752 petition for 250 acres on Crim's Creek. Came from Odenwald, in the Oberland District, in Germany, a section of the Oberland which stretches along the border of Northern Switzerland and bounds the edges of Baden and Hesse (the old lines).

SUTER - Oberdorf, Waldenburg, Basel, Switzerland. Faust Vol.2, pg.92 Pastor Samuel Suther, the reformed minister active in Orangeburgh from 1752 to 1765 came to Orangeburgh SC about 1750 by way of PA. One source say grew up in VA as the only survivor of a family of seventeen children on a ship which wrecked on the VA coast.
*Land granted in Amelia (SC) Township.

TANNER - See First Families of Orangeburg, Tanner.

THEILER - Wadeschweilen, Wadeschwel, Zurich, Switzerland. Reported departed Wadeschweil on April 10, 1744 that Johannes Theiler, baptized October 8, 1690 and his wife, Margretha Meyer, baptized, September 8, 1689. Also their son with his family, to wit: Hans Jacob Theiler, baptized December 3, 1713. Magdalena Belon, from the Dauplhine, baptized Oct. 19, 1710.
Hans Rudolff, baptized September 15, 1737
Elisabeth, baptized January 12, 1739
Joining them and leaving his wife, Anna Tobler, behind: Hans Heinrich Baumann, baptized March 23, 1673. This departure took place in April, 1739. It was rumored that old Theiler, the father of Johannes, died on the way. Hans Jacob, as much as two years ago, sent back a letter in which he praises his good fortune and the new land. Faust Vol.1, pg.92
*Land granted Saxe Gotha(SC) Township (Theiler = Tyler)

THEUS - Domat Ems, Chur, Graubunden, Switzerland. Departed Rotterdam with Capt. Percy arrived Charles Town, South Carolina were Christian Theus was ordained Minister of the Gospel. He had completed his studies at the Reformed Theological Seminary prior to leaving Switzerland. Rev. Theus was the first minister and school teacher in Saxe Gotha (SC) Township in 1739. His brother, Jeremiah Theus, was a famous portrait painter in Charles Town.
*On 20 MaR 1736 Orangeburgh (SC) town lot 264 and 250 acres granted.

THOMSON - Moses Thompson came to SC from Tinkling Springs, PA to Augusta Co., VA to what is now Calhoun Co. SC. Moses Thomson settled near Congaree/Wateree Rivers and became captain in Amelia militia. REF: Ninety Six by Robert D. Bass. Names in South Carolina, Vol. XII, Winter 1965, pgs.45-47. Cave Hall Plantation was the home of Colonel Moses Thomson, their first of the family to settle in Amelia Township, taking up lands there in 1745 . The plantation was located near the Santee River on what is now the road from Lone Star to Elloree.

TILL - See First Families of Orangeburg, Till.

TOBLER - Rehtobel, Appenzell, Switzerland. Sailed from Falmount 5 Dec 1736 arrived Charles Town, South Carolina 1 Feb. 1737. Johannes Tobler, founder of the Swiss New Windsor Township(SC) was the former Governor of Ausser Rhoden portion of Appennell in 1731.
*On 19 Dec 1735 Urlick Tobler (father arr. 1726) received Orangeburgh (SC) town lot #267 and 250 acres. Son, Johannes of New Windsor, inherited.

TREUTLEN ' John Adam Treutlen was born on January 16, 1734 in the small village of Kurnbach, Germany. He married Marguerite Dupuis, whose family held land in Orangeburgh. The couple had eight children. After Marguerite's death in 1777 Treutlen married the widow Unselt. John Adam Treutlen was the first Governor of Georgia. In the spring of 1782 Treutlen was brutally murdered near Metts' Cross Road in South Carolina.

TSHUDY - Lausen, Liestal, Basel, Switzerland In 1735 from Liestal Martin Tschudi, of Lausen (tailor)
Anna Balmer from Furlen, his wife.
1. Hans Jacob, bapt..............
2. Anna, bapt.................... Dec. 21, 1727
3. Barbara, bapt................. March 16, 1732
4. Elisabeth, bapt............... May 16, 1734
Paid ten percent taxes on 120 pounds and Manumission. Faust Vol.II,pg.100.
*On 26 July 1739 granted Orangeburgh (SC) Township lot nr.279 and 300 acres of land. Council Journal 11 March 1738. (Tshudy = Judy)

TURNIPSEED - Hans immigrated to South Carolina along with his brother, Beat Rebsamen, born 14 May 1720 in Turbenthal, Canton Zurich, Switzerland. On Thursday, 6 August 1751, Hans Rebsome (Rebsamen) petitioned the Governor and Council for fifty acres of land in Saxe Gotha, or "as near as possible". He stated that he was a foreign Protestant, and had arrived on the Neptune, Captain Jeed, commanding. The land was laid out in the forks of Cedar Creek and Broad River on the path leading to John Dingle's place.

UTSEY - LDS IGI Evangelich Reformierte Kirche, Barbelroth, Pfalz, Bayern, christening Johann Valentin Jutzi 24 Jan 1694; father: Georg Jutzi, mother: Barbara, batch #C997411, source #0193777. LDS batch M997411 source 0193777 dates 1596-1740 Evangelish Reformierte Kirche, Barbelroth, Pfalz, Bayern, Maria Elisabetha Gotz (dau. of Jacob Goetz and Anna Katharina Riffel) was married to Joh. Valentin Jutzy on 30 Jul 1726.
*1738 Dec 16 Surv. Lot 258 + 400 acres. REF: Plat 4:177; Grant 42:215; Burk's Swamp.

VARNADOE - Limouise, France
*On 1 Aug 1758 Leonard Vernadeau granted 200 acres Orangeburgh (SC) Township

WANNAMAKER - See First Families of Orangeburg, Wannamaker.

WEBER - List of those person who have gone to Carolina from the Parish of Rifferschweil, Anno 1743. In August, Under-Rifferschweil, Heinrich Weber, born October 6, 1715. Jacob Weber, born December 30, 1725. - List of Swiss Emigrants in the Eighteenth Century to American Colonies" By Albert Bernhardt Faust (1920) Volume I, Zurich, 1734 - 1744, pg.58 No. 41. Jacob Weaver was granted 200 acres in 1754 on the Broad River and on 20 Dec 1771 Hannah Mary Weaver was listed as "widow" and the acres as 150 on the way to Weaver's Ferry.

WEDEL - On 9 May 1752 Anna Maria Wedel of Dossenheim, Germany with her child emigrated to Carolina. Baptised 1720 in her father's church in adjoining village of Handschuhsheim. Her mother's village Schriesheim. PA Germans by Don Yoder pg. 4 and pg.65.
*On 7 Nov 1752 arrives South Carolina on board Cunlif and prays for 100 acres for her and one child, George aged 7 years. She marries Bernahrd Zeigler on 24 Apr 1753 in Orangeburgh (SC) Township.

WESSINGER - Mathias WEISINGER line, came from the parish of Pforzheim in the northern parts of Baden. Release from the bonded serfdom which was granted to Mattheus Wossinger from Darmsbach, (Germany) for emigration to America on 16 Febr. 1752. Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe 61/853. Arrived 2 Oct 1752 Snow Rowand, commanded by Captain Arthur Tran. Mathias Wessinger with wife and 3 children, Michael 8, Mathias 6, Catherine 1 ? year. Matthias settled his family at the junction of the Broad and Saluda Rivers in 1755.

WHETSTONE - Kemleten, Illnau, Zurich, Switzerland. From the Parish Illnau in Anno 1737 left Hans Wezstein, wheelwright, from Kemleten, aged 38 years. Anna Frauenfelder, his wife, aged 36 years. With them their five children, of whom the oldest was 6, the youngest 3/4 years. Also Conradt Denzler, from First, aged 37 years, Anna Wezstein, his wife, aged 35 years and their five children. Faust Vol.I, pg.60.
*On 19 Dec 1738 granted Orangeburgh (SC) Township lot nr.251 and 250 acres.

WIDEMAN - Zurich, Switzerland
*On 30 Aug 1757 Jacob Wideman surveyed land Goodbees Swamp, Amelia (SC)

WOLFE - One family settle in Orangeburgh (SC) from Grison County, Switzerland and another in Congarees from Bern, Switzerland. Zibilla Wolf, widow, a native of Grison Country in Swisserland, aged 73 years, died 22 Feb. 1759 Orangeburgh (SC) (Rev. Giessendanner)
*Granted Orangeburgh (SC) Township lot 35.

ZANGER - See First Families of Orangeburg, Sanger.

ZIEGLER - Siestedt, Heystemm. Wurttemberg, Germany. David Zeigler with wife and nine children. Bernard Ziglerin, ship Cunlif, petitioned for 200 acres Popes Spring Swamp on 7 Nov 1752. Frit (Veit) Frederick Zeigler was member of church in Sohnstetten, Heidenheim District, Wurttembery, Germany in 1725. On 23 Mar 1753 Fritz Seigler with wife and five children arrived on ship Elizabeth from Rotterdam.
*Granted land in Orangeburgh (SC) Township; Amelia (SC) Township.

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