Orangeburgh Citizens Petition in Behalf of Rev. John Giessendanner

Old Pioneer Cemetery

In 1749 Rev. John Giessendanner, who had been a Dissenter minister in Orangeburgh Township theretofore, went to England in order to be ordained to the Episcopal ministry. In order to strengthen his case a petition in his behalf was presented to His Majesty's Council of South Carolina by citizens of Orangeburgh Township. A copy of this petition was made by William Backshell, acting Secretary of the province, for Mr. Giessendanner to take with him. It bears evidence that Backshell was the poor copyist that Gov. Glen characterized him as on several occasions. This copy is now in Fulham Palace, London, and the following transcript thereof was procured therefrom by Mr. E. Alfred Jones, of London, for A.S. Salley, Jr.

 "To his Excellency James Glen Esqr. Captain General Governor and
   Commander in Chief in and over his Majestys Province of South Carolina
            and to the Member of His Majestys Honourable Council.
       The Petition of the Inhabitants of Orang'burgh Humbly Sheweth
   That your Petitioners have been now upward of Eleven Years Inhabitants
of this Province and increaded to about ninety Famelys besides an agreable
Prospect of growing youth and under the expectiona of Enjoying the same
Priviledges and Imunitys in Society which their Fellow Subject do Enjoy
have at all time Willingly and Chearfully contributed their assistance
toward the Support and preservation of the Government--
   That they hetherto have had the misfortune of being deprived of having a
Parson Qualifyed by his Lordship the Bishop in order to be duly authorized
to promote true Religion and Virtue among them and to instruct their
Younger ones in the Principles of their Christian Religion--
   That John Giessendanner hath these Nine Years Employ'd his time and
Study to Officiate in the ministerial office and to Preach the Gospel to
their great Satisfaction--
   That the same is a man of Piety and Knowledge in the holy Scriptures and
always behaved himself with Sobriety Honesty and Decency, Encouraging
Virtue and reproving Vice--
   That Your Petitioners knowing his Merit and Commendable Character have
unanimously consented to gather to give him a Vocation to the Ministerial
Function among them--
    That one Mr. Bartho. Zuberbuller having some years agone obtained a
Vocation to this Township and met with favourable Assistance from the
Government hath since his arrival from England in Carolina not shewn his
Person here but Engaged himself to the Service of the Coloney of Georgia
very much to Your Petitioners disappointment--
    That the said John Gessendanner being now resolved by the leave of
Providence with the approbation of Your Excellency and Honours and the
Assistance of His Friends to Embark for London in Order to be duly
quallified for that Purpose--
        Your Petrs. therefore humbly Pray Your Excellency and Honours to
        take their above Grievance into your serious Consideration and to
        be pleased to grant the said John Gessendanner such recommendation
        and Ratificaiton of this our Vocation as Your Excellency and
        Honours will think requisite and Necessary for his better
        Succeeding in the Same And Your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall
        every Pray &ca.&ca.

Ulrick Roth             Jacob Giessendanner             Henry Letstine
Michael Larry           Henry Stratemann                Johannes Acker Junr.
Thomas Puckeridge       Geo. Geessendanner junr.        Wm. Barrie
John Peter Roth         Peter Huber                     Peter Nagely
Joseph Kryters          Peter Hug                       Henry Hayn
Joseph Doramas          Henry Hayn                      Godens Jennins
John Balsieger          Joseph Deramas                  James Tilley
Joseph Robinson         Geor. Shooler junr.             Benj. Payton
Rob. Carter             John Shaumloffel                Jacob Wannenmaker
John Gieg'lman          Seth Hatcher                    John Churchwill
Jacob Giegelman         David Rumph                     Jacob Tshudy
Martin Tshudy           Jacob Horger                    Martin Sally
Peter Grieffous         Hans Jacob Myer                 Ulrick Baber
Leo Claus               Martin Egly                     Adam Snell
Hen. Salley Junr.       Jacob Roth                      John Chevillette
John Amacker            Nicho. Yonn                     Jacob Kuhnen
Barnd. Snell            Nichs. Shuler                   Christn. Minnick
Jacob Ott               Lewis Linder                    Peter Larry
Casper Ott              Benj Stedham                    Isaac Gottows
Hans Frydig             Peter Hottow                    Joseph Huber
Peter Stehely           Martin Kichren                  Philip Jennins
Gionnes Wolffy          Ulrick Brunner                  Michl. Chr Row
John Jennings           Gian Loi Wolf                   John Wetstein
Melchior Ott            Johan Wolffy                    Hans Imdorff
Henry Rickenbacker      Jacob Rumph                     Hans Jacob Strauman
Adam Frolich            Jacob Wolfy                     Hen. Snell
John Fritchman          Peter Mauer Junr.               John Diedrick
Hans Frydig Junr.       Hen. Wurtzer                    Charles Stotton
John Harrisperger       Heny. Felder                    Abra. Ussenhut
Abraham Rumph           Josep Grieffous                 John Cleaton
John Huber              John Fairy                      John Roth
John Inabnitt           Andr. Inabnit                   Francis Kuhnen
Hans Jacob Hessy        Jno. Valentine Yootsy           Heny. Sally
Francis Kuhnen          Johannes Wolf                   John Nagely
Christian Roth          Peter Moorer
                        George Giessendanner

        Examin'd May 27, 1749 at ye Council Chamber in Charles Town So
        Carolina-- a True Copy--
                                         Wm. Backshell P.S.
Endorsed: Petition of the Inhabitants
          of Orangeburgh in So. Carolina
             Datd. May 27, 1749
              The Township of Orangeburg
              South Carolina in Favour of
                Mr. John Giessendanner.
             13 Septemr: Answered to Govr: Glen"

REF: South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Vol. pgs. 48-51.