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OrangeburghSC is a mail list for all serious researchers of the people of Orangeburgh Township, South Carolina. The area of South Carolina this covers is determined by the time frame. Of particular interest is the South Carolina "burned counties" and Calhoun, Lexington, Barnwell, Aiken, Edgefield, Newberry, Richmond, Sumter, Saluda, Bamberg, Old Colleton, Dorchester and Old Berkeley Counties. Therefore, primary discussions center around upcountry families (mostly German-Swiss origin) between the period 1735 to 1865. List Guidelines

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Old Rootsweb Orangeburgh_SC Mail List

The old Orangeburgh_SC mail list was started on Rootsweb in 1995 and has been hosted there for the past 25 years. Unfortunately Rootsweb has decided to discontinue the hosting of mail lists and all Rootsweb hosted mail lists will be closed on March 2, 2020. In response this mail list, now OrangeburghSC, is moving to its new home on Rootsweb has stated that the old Orangeburgh_SC Archives will continue to be available on Rootsweb. A link to the Old List Archives is posted on the new list home page.


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* The mail list, OrangeburghSC, is not affiliated with the Orangeburgh German-swiss Genealogy Society. The OGSGS, however, acknowledges the mail list as a useful tool for Orangeburg genealogists and provides this page as an aid to those who wish to subscribe or unsubscribe.