Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migration of Henry FELDER and Ann [---]

1. Henry FELDER, born 1771 in Orangeburgh, South Carolina; died 1826 in Orangeburgh, South Carolina, son of Henry FELDER (Jr) and Maria Catharina STOUDENMEYER. He married Ann [---].

Children of Henry FELDER and Ann [---] were as follows:

a. Henry FELDER, born 9 Jul 1794. He married Ann C. HESSY. Henry was raised by Col. William Heatley of St. Matthews Parish and he and Ann lived just above Orangeburg on the "Old Columbia Road". At the time of his death Henry was a militia Captain and at his funeral his horse and accoutrements were, in the style of the day, led after the hearse and the military salute was fired over his grave.

b. Harriet FELDER, born 1 Oct 1795; died Sep 1861 in Montgomery, Alabama. She married (1) in South Carolina John AVINGER, born 1776 in South Carolina; died abt 1818, son of Gotlieb AVINGER and Mary Magdalena HORLBECK; (2) aft 1818 Adam Christopher FELDER, born 2 Apr 1790; died 15 Nov 1860 in Alabama, son of Abraham FELDER and Mary ERLANGER.

c. Samuel FELDER, born 24 Nov 1796; died 3 Oct 1867 in Perry, Georgia. He married Ann Frances BARCH, born 20 Aug 1803 in South Carolina; died 8 Sep 1890 in Perry, Georgia.

d. Ann Louise FELDER, born 20 Apr 1799. She married David HOUSER.

e. Lewis FELDER, born 5 Apr 1801. He married Mary WOLFE, born 1812; died 3 Jun 1869, daughter of Frederick Holman WOLFE and Elizabeth Rachel HOLMAN.

f. Rebecca L. FELDER, born 30 Apr 1803. She married (1) [---]BUTLER; (2) JosephCOOPER, born abt 1800.

Information provided by Gene Jeffries 16 Mar 2000.

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