Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migration of Joel SPIGNER and Sylvia LYKES

1. Joel SPIGNER, born 1798 in Orangeburg County, South Carolina, son of George SPIGNER (Cpt) and Ann Barbara SAYLOR. He married Sylvia LYKES.

Notes for Joel SPIGNER: Joel Spigener was delegated to go west to Alabama and appraise the situation. Joel stayed with his uncle, George Spigener, who had made his move with the first immigrants from the Orangeburg District. In 1833, Joe Spigener was in Alabama. With him were his wife, Sylvia, three children, Lawrence, Frederick, and Eliza L. and his sister, Christianah. Slaves also were in the party, at least two females, Sally and Lucy, and five males, Joe, Sam, Arnold, Little Moses, and Big Moses. Big Moses and Little Moses belonged to William K. Oliver. REF: The Alabama Review JAN 1995.

Notes for Sylvia LYKES: Possible sisters Ann and Susan Lykes.

Children of Joel SPIGNER and Sylvia LYKES were as follows:

a. Lawrence SPIGNER.

b. Fredrick SPIGNER.

c. Eliza L. SPIGNER.

d. Baby Boy SPIGNER, born Feb 1834 in Autauga County, Alabama.

Information provided by Gene Jeffries 11 Apr 2000.

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