Orangeburgh District Migrations

Migation of Daniel Sturkie and Cassander [--]

1. Daniel1 STURKIE, was born about 1810 in Orangeburgh District, SC, and died about 1858 probably in Benton (Calhoun) County, AL. He married Cassander [--] before 1835. She was born about 1810 in SC, and died after 1870 possibly in Cache, Greene County, Arkansas. Daniel and Cassandra migrated to Chambers County, Alabama before the birth of daughter Martha about 1839.

Notes for Daniel1 STURKIE: Daniel and his wife Cassander migrated to Alabama about the same time as Daniel Sturkie (born 1786) and his wife Elizabeth. Records in Orangeburgh indicate a close relationship between the two Daniels - possible uncle and nephew, although this has not been proven.

Children of Daniel STURKIE and Cassander [--] are:

a. [NAME], born ...

a. Hilliard C. STURKIE, born about 1833 in SC; died before 1866 in Eotwah County, Alabama. He married Nancy A. SMITH May 24, 1859. Nancy was born October 1, 1829 in Virginia, a daughter of Henry Smith.

b. Vandi D. Vastine STURKIE, born about 1836 in SC; died 26 Aug 1864 in Civil War - Battle Tracy.

c. Samuel A. STURKIE, born about 1837 in SC; died before 1866 possibly in Calhoun County, Alabama.

d. Martha A. STURKIE, born about 1839 in Alabama; died possibly in Lamar County, Texas after 1900.

e. Mary A. STURKIE, born about 1840 in Alabama. She married (1) Francis M. FRAZIER 17 Dec 1857 in Benton (Calhoun) County, Alabama. She married (2) [---] LITTLEFIELD after 1857 in Benton (Calhoun) County, Alabama.

f. William George W. STURKIE, born about 1841 in Alabama; died between 1858 - 1866.

g. Sarah Ann Jane Cassandra STURKIE, born about 1843 in Alabama; died after 1866 in probably Calhoun County, Alabama.

h. Francis A. STURKIE, born about 1845 in Alabama; died after 1870 possibly in Greene County, Arkansas.

i. Josephine A. STURKIE, born about 1846 in Alabama; died 18 May 1866 in Parris, Lamar County, Texas.

j. Daniel H. STURKIE, born Apr 1850 in Alabama; died in Greene County, Arkansas about 1902.

Information furnished by Patricia C. Sturkey April 2012.

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